GREEN LANTERN [Comic News]: Green Lantern Gets Earth One Treatment.

Writer Corinna Bechko, writer/artist Gabriel Hardman, and colorist Jordan Boyd have been announced as the creative team on volume one of DC’s Green Lantern: Earth One. On this Earth setting, Hal Jordan is an astronaut who finds a ring while working for Ferris Galactic. What makes this situation curious is that the Lanterns have all been murdered by Manhunters. Jordan then sets out to rebuild the Green Lantern Corps.

Hardman said in a press release that, “Approaching this as an Earth One story gives us the opportunity to go back to the core concept of Green Lantern and interpret it through the lens of a modern, grounded sci-fi story while still being true to the Silver Age roots of Hal Jordan. Having storyboarded Interstellar, this is an approach I’m comfortable with and have wanted to explore in comics. Realistic sci-fi is only the beginning of this story; we have something much more epic in store.”

Bechko and Hardman are known for their past collaborations on Star Wars: Legacy, Savage Hulk, and Invisible Republic. Green Lantern: Earth One Vol. 1 will drop on March 20, 2018.

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