GVO ROUND II – TOKYO EDITION [Group A “Alpha” Results/Video]: We’ll Be Back.

It was quite the eventful day on the first day of play at GVO’s Round II: Tokyo Edition. There were several nail-biting match-ups, more than a few upsets and a dethroned champ. Sunday quickly turned into Sonned Day. Here’s the first piece of group action from GodHatesGeeks’ second ever fighting game tournament, including videos, results and reactions… Keep it locked at GHG for more coverage throughout the week.


John Kent, Travis Moody, Dave Beaudrie.

Group A came out the gate like an alpha’d up version of Goku’s Ultra Instinct, a close race that wasn’t decided until several bonus rounds of Street Fighter V: Champion Edition. Moments before, big Dave Beaudrie came back from a deep deficit in earlier stages action to jump ahead of yours truly with high scores in the newly released Under Night In-Birth and a dominant Mortal Kombat 11 main event. The Terminator.. terminated.

Advice? Don’t switch from your “main”. Ya boy Moody got a bit too cocky and switched away from my beloved squirrel princess, Makoto Nanaya, and consequently lost my next match-up. I also won with Noob Saibot’s Batman Who Laughs and yet proceeded to switch it up to Joker— who I had been confident with in our recent warm up sessions. Not a good move.

While your Monsignor entered the bonus stage in 3rd, I was just close enough to fight back and pick up some points with SFVCE‘s Seth (the now gender-confused boss from Street Fighter IV). While I wrecked shop in the first fight against eventual winner John Kent; I couldn’t keep the fire burning against Dave’s Cody. Sorrynotsorry for the on-the-nose wrestling reference, but thus, Cody “changed the game/ a banner made of pain/ [he] built his kingdom.”

Alpha Group – Results

-Warm-up Stage: Koihime Enbu RoyRaiRai (Winner: Moody)

-SF30 Stage: Street Fight Alpha 3 (Winner: Moody)

-Stage One: BlazBlue: Central Fiction (John – 4 points, Moody – 2 points, Dave – 0 points)

-Stage Two: Under Night In-Birth Exe: Late [cl-r] (Dave – 6, Moody – 2, John – 0)

-Stage Three: Tekken 7 (John – 6, Dave – 2, Moody – 2)

-Main Event: Mortal Kombat 11 (Dave – 8, John – 4, Moody – 4)

-Bonus Stage: Street Fighter V: Champion Edition (John – 4, Dave – 2, Moody – 2)


Winner = John Kent (20 points)
2. Dave Beaudrie – 18 points
3. Travis Moody – 16 points


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