HOLIDAY GAMER GIFT GUIDE [Reviews]: Delicious Deals!

Just because Black Friday and Cyber Monday have “officially” passed, that doesn’t mean your neices and nephews, sons, daughters and granpappies have to go without their favorite gifts: video games! Take it from a guy who begged his sweet grandma for a new console. Every. Single. Christmas. At least 25-years into the future we’re making things easier for the “grandma” inside you. Check out our rundown below of the best video game gifts, our reviews and the best deals around! Merry shopping!















Overcooked 2 is a campy, fun game for the casual gamer, or one whose style is more “I play Candy Crush on my phone” than “hardcore console bro-dude”. Buy it so you and your friends can sit around, throw fake food at one another, and yell like you’re Gordon Ramsay in Hell’s Kitchen and everone else just burned the risotto.”

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Shadow of the Tomb Raider lands a slam dunk with a beautiful South America portrayal that truly does the trilogy a service. With puzzles more brutal and time consuming, Lara can rappel into deep underground crypts and even use spiked shoes to climb upside down— all very helpful skills when it comes to acquiring the game’s many secret treasures.”

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“I’ve never witnessed wind look so realistic in a game, as some spectacular blizzard effects make great use of the Xbox One X. Battlefield V‘s third campaign mission, Tirailleur, feels like a continuation of greatness from Battlefield 1 too. The stakes feel high, with a lot of layers that were as physically intriguing as appeared mentally.”

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Fire Pro Wrestling World is robust with customization, designed as a pick-up-and-play arcade shell deep in simulation, with the ability to have every wrestling move ever, the ability to create every pro wrestler ever, and the near-damned ability to have every wrestling match type ever.”

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