HULKVERINES #1 – Marvel Comics
Kevin “Pastor” Palma

Weapon H, aka Hulkverine, is a bizarre character. On the surface, it seems like a symbol of excess on par with Marvel’s 90’s output, especially anything Liefeldian. Anyone familiar with the Marvel Universe, however, would have to acknowledge that, in universe, of course this is one of the most obvious things that would happen. Dig a little deeper than that and you notice that Greg Pak has done a smash-up job of adding some depth and humanity to the character. Of course, with a character who’s a combination of Hulk and Wolverine, character building can only last so long before you need to slice and smash and Hulkverines seems to be 3 issues dedicated to just that.

This mini-series was advertised as Hulk, Wolverine and Weapon H fighting and based on this issue, it certainly seems like it’ll deliver on that but not much more. This issue does include some interesting twists to keep the story going, but it’s still full of over-the-top, ridiculous action. If this series were to go any longer than 3 issues it might run into issues given the story’s lack of depth; but at this length and with the quality writing and art, this could be lots of fun and could also wind up being one of those forgotten gems people come back to and reread years down the road. 3.5/5 Bibles.

-Kevin Palma

Lance “Apostle” Paul
Instagram @The.TravelingNerd

Written by Gerry Duggan (Infinity Wars) with art by Andy MacDonald (Batman), Wolverine: Infinity Watch #1 takes place right after Return of Wolverine and Infinity Wars. Wolverine is newly alive and is seeking his X-Men when he gets duped by, who else, Loki. Leave it to Phoenix Wolverine to present the exposition from the last year-and-a-half of comics– thus setting a wild goose chase between Wolverine and Loki to track down the Infinity Stone on Earth.

Not surprisingly, Duggan breaks down the whole Infinity War and Amalgam issues within two pages. Is the issue worth picking up? While marked as a brand new era, not much is covered that’s new besides showing us what we already thought Wolverine was doing the past few storylines, but as a younger version of Phoenix Wolverine. Confused yet? 3/5 Flaming Wolvies Agree.

-Lance Paul

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