HUMANS [Season 1, Eps. 3+4 Review]: Take a Trip to the Uncanny Valley.

Yes, I know this show has already been on for four episodes! But there’s this thing called Comic-Con, so The Divine One has been busy as of late! The only problem with covering TV, is there’s a lot to watch. But I planted myself on the couch, and watched all four episodes so we’re good to go!

Maybe we should have stopped at the Oculus Rift and Project Morpheus...
Maybe we should have stopped at the Oculus Rift and Project Morpheus…

This is a review of Episodes 3 & 4 — (SLIGHT) SPOILERS AHEAD 

There is such a fluid motion to this show. It’s constantly unraveling and developing, but without going at a crazy speed that loses the viewer. They’re giving just enough story in each episode to move it along, without jumping off of a cliff. One of the smartest ideas they’ve begun to do, is to show all the negative aspects of the Synths.

They show how people can become attached to them and prefer the Synths over humans. People have problems in their marriages all the time, and Humans displays how easily someone might want the comfort and safety of a Synth over their spouse; whether for sexual pleasure, companionship, or desired affection. Why go to a strip club or a bordello, when the answer to one’s loneliness is right in their house with them already?

Alongside this, we continue to see society’s backlash against the Synths, in Humans. We’re shown how people get together in a “Fight Club” scenario, just to take all their built up anger and rage out on defenseless Synths– because they don’t know any better way to vent it yet. Everything the creators of this show are doing makes total sense! The writers make the dynamics of this world so relatable to our own, that it seems as though it could easily become a not-too-distant future we eventually experience as well.

I promise you, you won't want to see 'Ex Machina' with us..
I promise you, you won’t want to see ‘Ex Machina’ with us..

Now, back to how the story has progressed: The fact that the writers don’t just leave us with the bare-bones logistics of introducing the Synths into society — and that they also take it one step further, by giving us a deeper storyline that includes a rogue faction of sentient Synths on the run — makes them that much more intriguing. And in the end of Episode 4, it’s revealed that the maker of these Synths took steps to ensure that more of them could be given their own minds. Like, maybe they’ll build more of themselves???

Whhhhat????!!! So, now we have a whole conspiracy thriller on our hands. Awesome!

The multiple stories mixed with such a richness of interesting characters and scenarios is the strongest point of this show. Humans just continues to grow, and expand everything in its universe; and the reward is seeing how all the stories begin to interact and fit right together like a giant puzzle. It’s like the first two episodes established certain boundaries, and three and four are starting to fill in the missing puzzle pieces. The writers have not only developed a futuristic sci-fi show for pure entertainment, but they’ve also addressed the psychology of human nature.

This show could easily become a study of mankind, and how society can create something intended to benefit humanity, only to see it squandered by those who choose to take advantage of it for criminal profit. There is just so much going on to love. Let’s hope Humans keeps dishing it out because I wanna be the sugar-addicted kid that keeps eating the cake at this table.

Episode 3: 4 Bibles
Episode 4: 4.75 Bibles



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