Robert “The DCD” Workman

Not all of us can afford a top-of-the-line gaming headset. Granted, we want something that’s more than just a one-ear piece, so that we’re a little more immersed in our experiences. So it is understandable to find that some people may check out sites like gear surfer to hopefully make the decision of buying a gaming headset a lot easier. It all depends on your budget.

But that doesn’t mean we can automatically afford a $200 rig, right? That’s where iLive’s much more affordable Gaming Headset, model #IAHG39B, comes in.

This model goes for $50 and works with most consoles and PC units, thanks to its included components. And while its audio levels won’t exactly blow you away for its price, its quality is still pretty good considering what it goes for. And it gets the job done considering what you’re paying for it. You won’t find many complaints here, though you’ll hardly call it the Mercedes of gaming headsets either. My friend had one so he could play League of Legends better with his friends online. Apparently he also enjoys using unranked lol accounts (ULA) with these friends so he can play at the lower ranks with his casual friends. This headset allows him to communicate with them to help improve them in the game. But I digress.

The set comes with the headphones, along with a Y cable that features a 3.5mm port on one end and two 3.5mm connectors on the other, making it compatible with a number of devices. There’s also a user’s guide so you can connect and use it right away, without having to go through a number of instructions to get it up and running. You’d be surprised how easy it is to connect and get right into games like Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy and Tekken 7.

The iLive headset does sit upon a metal frame with two cups attached to it. But it’s surprisingly comfortable given its design, as I wore it for a couple of hours and didn’t find it discomforting within the least. You can also make adjustments to it however you see fit, making it convenient for gamers that have slightly bigger noggins than usual. (Or smaller, if you prefer.)

The design isn’t too far over the top, but it is practical, with a black and blue motif and a practical microphone design that doesn’t get too much in the way. The headset is wired, however, so you’d best get used to that part of the design right off the bat. It does make it somewhat easy to use, though. The cable’s on the long side, at least, so you can adjust somewhat easily. And the light-up display is somewhat cool, even if it’s just the iLive logo that you see on the side, and the microphone in some spots.

The headset is durable. That doesn’t mean you should throw it around or anything, but you can drop it (accidentally) a couple of times and not have to worry about I breaking or anything. That’s not too shabby considering it only goes for around $50 or so.

As for the sound quality, it’s not too bad. You won’t get surround sound level here, but the stereo sound is pretty good, as you can make out footsteps fairly easily with games like Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remasteredand Battlefield V. What’s more, racing games like Gran Turismo Sportand Forza Horizon 4really roar to life with these things, especially at a proper volume.

The audio quality with the mic isn’t too bad either. You do have to make adjustments depending on where it’s placed but once you find the proper spot, you’ll find that it’s not too bad at all, depending on reception and volume, obviously.

Overall, the iLive Gaming Headset isn’t too shabby. It won’t replace the more top-tier headsets that are on the market, but if price is an issue, it’s not a bad option to look at. 3.5/5 Volume Knobs.

-Robert Workman

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