Happy Sunday, geeks and geekettes! If you think this heat is getting to you, let’s take a look at some of the coolest titles coming out this week. Once again, we here at GodHatesGeeks have some of the net’s best writers taking an early look at some of the best (or ARE they?!) upcoming titles this week.

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“Reverend” Lauro Rojas
INFINITY WARS: PRIME #1 – Marvel Comics

Once more into the fray and into another Marvel Comics event where, wait for it…NOTHING WILL EVER BE THE SAME AGAIN!!!!1!  But really, will it though? Preceded by Infinity Countdown and written by Gerry Duggan, and with art by Mike Deodato Jr., this is the next chapter of the story, showing what happens when all six Infinity Stones are assembled on Earth. Since we know Doctor Strange can see 14 million realities (as evidenced in the hit blockbuster and cash-cow Avengers: Infinity War. No spoilers!), he knows Infinity Gems + Earth = Thanos (and that’s bad, m’kay). Strange goes about assembling a version of the Infinity Watch, a team of individuals that each hold one of the six Infinity Stones.

Strange possesses the Time Stone; Star Lord, Rocket and Groot have the Power Stone; Captain Marvel Reality Stone; Adam Warlock, Iron Lad and Drax the Soul Stone; Black Widow Space Stone; Turk Barrett and his villain associates the Mind Stone.  Talk about your motley crew! Fortunately (and unfortunately) Thanos gets wind of the stones being on Earth and starts planning an assault only to be felled and beheaded by the latest antagonist Requiem.  I mean, he gets done in, gangland style. Considering it’s the first issue of Marvel’s summer event, it has certainly started off with a bang, and has some surprises in store. Now, as long as Marvel doesn’t drop the ball on this event, I’m sure we’re in for a good time.  As Monsieur Candie put it, “you had my curiosity…but now you have my attention.” 2.5/5 Gem-filled Gaunlets.

-Lauro Rojas

Taffeta “Dutchess” Darling
SUPER SONS #1 – DC Comics

Back with a new “Summer of Super” adventure, The Super Sons reclaim their spot as my much needed adorable juxtaposition, odd-couple fix. When it was announced that the last Super Sons title was ending, it was disappointing, but there was still hope for more crimefighting escapades. Now, after a bit of a hiatus, my two favorite junior heroes are back, thanks to one of my favorite BatFamily writers: Peter Tomasi.

It’s summer break, and Jonathan Kent will be staying with Damian Wayne for their summer vacation, so of course this will be a soda-pop-filled “Summer of Super”, much to Superboy’s delightful enthusiasm, and Damian’s annoyance. In the first issue of this twelve issue series, Robin and Superboy come face to face with a group of kid villains known as “The Gang” which essentially is an archetype of a junior “Legion of Doom”. Tomasi gives the readers a story that is pretty classic in its enduring theme that takes established characters and makes them kid versions with minors detail differences or children of the well known characters.  It’s here that the perfectly synchronized art team of Carlo Barberi, Art Thibert, Protobunker, and Rob Leigh, coalesce in their character design; each junior villain is so on point recognizable from Ice Princess to their obvious leader, Rex Luthor, with colorful, familiar and distinct panels throughout.

I’m a fan of these characters and they way they’ve been written, so for me it just feels like we’re back from a seasonal break, and continuing on with more Super Son adventures, than it is a new run. If you’re already a fan of the leads, it’s promising, enjoyable and fun!! Even if you haven’t read the previous title, new fans will appreciate the characters written with sharp, witty, and compassionate dialogue. The ongoing interactions between the Damian and Jon, are truly some of the best to read in the current pulls. 4/5 Golden Animated Superman Statues.

-Taffeta Darling

“The Dean” Gene Selassie

Man, to think I really was digging Justice League until this point. This issue, we get a spotlight on the Legion of Doom, and a look back on how Lex Luthor first assembled the team. The grandiose narration seemed to work with Scott Snyder’s complex, Grant Morrison-esque themes. However, in this story, they seemed to be reduced to “people should just embrace evil”.

I am normally a huge fan of Doug Mahnke’s work.  I don’t know if his pencils and Jaime Mendoza’s inks just didn’t gel, but some pages look outstanding, while others fell incredibly flat.  The coloring by Wil Quintana, as well as the usually serviceable lettering by Tom Napolitano, made the story seem less like a chore. While I am still on board for this run of Justice League, having issue after issue of near flawless comic goodness, to follow all that with an issue that’s just average — especially given how masterful these creators normally are at storytelling — is just baffling. Here’s hoping James Tynion IV picks it up for the next few issues and keeps this title going strong. 2.5/5 Bibles.

-Gene Selassie

LEVIATHAN #1 – Image Comics
“Pontif” Tony Pattawon

When putting in place a little get-together. remember these rules: Rule #1: Don’t tell your big mouth friend who loves social media it’s a party. Rule #2: Make sure you don’t attract your local goth friends in their evil rituals. And, Rule #3. Have plenty of Beer. No story expresses the importance of these rules like Image Comics’ Leviathan #1.

To say Ryan DeLuca is learning these rules the hard way is an understatement. Ryan runs out of beer, so he takes his friend Johnny with him to replenish. Next thing they know, a homeless man comes ranting about the Apocalypse and an explosion occurs. Then, a giant red fire-breathing Godzilla with a Predator mouth appears near Ryan’s house. Needless to say this ruins the party. Of course.

Long story short, John Layman really should’ve written all the Cloverfield movies, as his story is well arranged together scene by scene. However you do get lost in the artwork as the pencil of Nick Pitarra, combined with the coloring of Michael Garland, engulf your senses with their in-depth and detail scenery, and facial expressions. Another great example: Pitarra’s pencil lines express the movement during the initial explosion Ryan and Johnny witness; the linework in those panels really work to make you visualize the movement of the flames and almost feel the heat off the page. All in all, Leviathan #1 is definitely a fun read, and when you peep it just remember Johnny is right about horror movies. 4/5 Giant Creatures.

-Tony Pattawon

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