JOHN WICK – CHAPTER 2 [Review]: This Time it’s Mostly Business!

JaDarrell “The Belser”

What’s up, people! This is your boy The Belser back on the movie review tip after a little hiatus. Actually, I shouldn’t call it a hiatus; it’s just there hasn’t been any movies that really interested me in quite a few months (the last one being Rogue One). However, this is the first anticipated movie that I’ve been waiting for, the sequel to the 2014 smash action hit, John Wick.

Now, I remember when someone told me the plot of the first movie: “A trio break into the house of a retired hitman. They steal his car, kill his dog and he goes on a rampage of revenge.” After saying it out loud, it sounded like the stupidest thing ever. I expected some B-movie garbage. However, the first movie is actually one of the better action movies that I’ve seen in many years. It’s one of those instances where I was actually pleasantly surprised and it quickly became one of my favorites in the genre. When I heard a sequel was coming out, I immediately jumped on board…


This movie deals with a bit into John Wick’s past and particularly, how he left the secret society of assassins that he belongs to. After the events of the first film, news of the massacre he created has reached the main branch in Rome and John is called on to do a favor for an old acquaintance. The favor itself being a part of a blood oath John took in order to get out of the society in the first place. By returning to get his revenge, John is forced to take on this favor against his will and he finds himself embroiled in a plot which has seemingly every assassin on Earth out with a bullet just for him.


As stated, the first film shot past The Matrix as my favorite Keanu Reeves movie. As badass as he was in the first one, he actually kicks it up a notch in this film and it’s amazing to watch. He doesn’t say much but that’s good for the character. Most of the other supporting cast from the first film returns, mainly the people at the Continental Hotel. They do exactly as they did the last film except they have expanded roles. The biggest stand out of the supporting cast being rapper/actor Common as assassin Cassian. Of the opposing forces in the film, he’s the most formidable. Plus, he’s portrayed as not a bad guy but simply a man with a job to do. Dialogue-wise, this is basically the same as the first movie. Lots of one-word answers and people repeating each other statements. The actors play it straight most of time in their delivery which is fine because of the fact: this is how this film’s universe is illustrated.

This time it’s PERSONAL. #woof


As awesome as the first one was in terms of action, this one takes it to another level of cool. Just like the first movie in terms of the shooting, it is headshots galore. Lots of graphic gun violence, crazy car chases, and insane hand to hand combat involving various weapons. They come up with some very creative ways of killing people. To me, the coolest scene actually plays out on one of the tall tales told about John Wick in the first movie. I’m not going to spoil it but it involves a pencil. Of course, I applauded immediately.


One thing that bugged me is the civilian peoples reaction to the violence. I mean, seeing assassins openly committing murder in public places or getting into lengthy hand-to-hand combat fights and nobody reacts. It just comes across as really strange and kind of takes me out of the movie. Also, they have John Wick come across as kind of a Superman. He’s hit at high speeds by multiple cars, sustains multiple bruises, cuts and is shot several times and he just limps away. Unreal.


Would I watch this again? HELL. YES. This movie is one of the rare instances where the sequel is just as good (if not better) than the original. I thoroughly enjoyed it and I definitely recommend it for you action movie buffs. Definitely worth your money. This movie receives the first Belser Seal of Approval of 2017.

4.75 (out of 5) Bibles.

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