JUSTICE LEAGUE – NO JUSTICE / VENOM [Comic Reviews]: Save The Drama For Ya Momma!

We hope you had a Happy Mother’s Day weekend, geeks and geekettes! We’ve got yet another look at some of the best (or are they?!) titles for the upcoming week. We’re going to keep this “Finger Full” short and sweet, and dive right in so we can get back to showing our mommas how much we love them!

“Minister” Matthew Garza

Justice League: No Justice gives us the aftermath story of the repercussions of the DC’s Metal Event. The Green Lanterns gather at the now broken Source Wall, where destructive energy is escaping and could cause great damage to the galaxy. On earth, Brainiac fights several hero teams to demonstrate he is ability to defeat them with ease and after abducting them, convinces the League to face an oncoming threat of four ancient titan beings, which escaped the wall, that threaten his homeworld; with the stipulation that Earth will be next. I don’t want to give away any more than I have, because the roster of hero/villain characters involved is fun.

James Tynion IV, Joshua Williamson, and Scott Snyder create a captivating blockbuster summer event. Though I’m more familiar with Snyder and Tynion’s Batman and Detective Comics runs, respectively, I think the trio have set a working relationship that’s direct, not over explained, with tense storytelling. Francis Manapul‘s artwork and Hi-Fi‘s coloring provide a vibrant and layered atmosphere that pops with beauty. Issue #1 is out now and #2 will be available Wednesday, the 16th4/5 Omega Titans.

-Matthew Garza

VENOM #1 – Marvel Comics
“Father” Sean Farrell

“BRrrrrraaaaaiiinnnns !!!!!!“ – aww, Happy 30th Birthday to our favorite angry used dirty laundry, the Klyntar Symbiote known as VENOM debuted in Amazing Spider-Man #300 back in May 1988. He’s even got a movie coming out! (What, Spider-Man 3? Dancing? Eric Forman as Venom? GTHOH, you sound like you’re having a bad dream…) So if you don’t know the story behind this 80’s sensation, I don’t have the space to fill you in. I only have a few paragraphs and I already wasted one on this nonsense!

This issue opens up with Venom having a nightmare?!? Did someone eat a back alley criminal too close to bedtime? Or is something even more sinister afoot? We see Eddie (don’t call it a comeback) Brock is no longer Anti-Venom but now Venom-Venom, still trying to be a hero. But Venom is hungry and a bit crazy–crazier than usual that is. Eddie has been using pills to silence the voices in his head as he tries to figure out what the symbiote is dreaming about. But before he can do that he first needs to bust up a villains pow wow headed up by Jack O’ Lantern?! F’real? I thought this guy was left behind in the Ultraverse (don’t ask, it’ll make me all sad and nostalgic for the 90’s). Something is off about Venom. Like talking in (heh) tongues and morphing into something even crazier and weirder than usual.

We’re introduced to an ex-soldier/spy with the super groovy named of Rex Strickland who seems to know a whole heck of a lot about Venom and its connections to Project Rebirth (Cap’n?! Oh and Flash Thompson). He gives us one hell of a bombshell that expands the Venom mythos about as wide open as Ezekiel did for Spidey way back in 2001! Something big and scary is headed this way and Venom is directly in its path! The Lethal Protector better get its head on straight and save us all!

Donny (Redneck, Thanos, Dr. Strange) Cates is a man on fire with crazy ideas that is only matched by his output! This guy is writing four or five books a month it seems! He is someone who’s going to be taking a lot of your money for years to come. Ryan (Amazing Spider-Man) Stegman knows his way around Venom and is in rare form here, with high action as well as horror film level moody shadows and atmosphere thanks to his inker JP Mayer and colors by Frank Martin.I haven’t been this jazzed about Venom in more than a decade. This is the start of something big gang. Jump on now! 3.5/5 Bibles.

-Sean Farrell

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