JUSTICE LEAGUE – WAR [Review/Q&A]: Batman vs. Green Lantern.

But that’s not all. The Divine one had the pleasure of checking out a panel following a JL: War screening at The Paley Center for Media. Much of the film’s voice cast are participating in the panel, including Moore (Cyborg), Gorham (Flash), Blum (Darkseid), and Thomas (Desaad). The filmmakers are well-represented too, with director Jay Oliva, producer James Tucker, screenwriter Heath Corson, dialogue director Andrea Romano, and character designer Phil Bourassa all in attendance:

  • Tucker went on to speak about the in-continuity of the new DC animated films, with War as the first of the “new animated universe with these DTVs. We’ll be doing a JLA and then a Batman. The same Batman you see here will be in the next Batman movie. So there is going to be a continuity. And from here on, hopefully we’ll be doing in-continuity movies with each other.” Oliva capped off those sentiments with some gushing of his new film’s pacing, “This was my Independence Day. One night of just balls-to-wall type action.”
  • “Since this is the first time all these [superheroes] come together — and they are all really new in their career — it became about their weaknesses more than their strengths. There’s good, there’s bad, and there’s ugly, as we see in all the different dynamics,” said Corson. And just like the Moody Monsignor did for me, Corson received the “trade of the first six JL issues. I told them ‘Oh no. you have to send me the run of every character.’ I wanted to make sure I got it all right. So I went back and read everything (of the new 52).” I doubt I’ll do that, however.
Iris is half...black? (YES!)
Oh Iris, how you’ve changed.
  • “Who’s going to be able to play a 10-year old boy in a 25-year olds body? Sean Astin!,” half-joked Romano, on casting, who to which Gorham (Flash) spoke of highly. “[Romano] makes you feel comfortable to play. So you’re able to relax and you’re able to improvise. She’ll tell you if it’s working, since she knows what she wants.”
  • “I am humbled to be here. It was the funnest and scariest thing I ever did. But it got me so out of my comfort zone — and I loved that. I would love to do this again,” Moore (Cyborg) said, while continuing later, “I like that there is a human quality to all these stories. It’s not just a bunch of badasses kicking ass; there is a story of where they came from, how they got here and, what their responsibilities are.”
  • The next two animated films from DC are Son of Batman and Batman: Assault on ArkhamSwamp Thing, Deadman, Justice League International, Nightwing, and Kirby’s New Gods are just some of the characters the creators would like to play with in the future.

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