KONAMI’S TURBOGRAFX 16 [Gaming News]: Mini System Announced, With First Round of Games!

The team at Konami had some good news this morning with the introduction of a new Contra game, along with the surprise arrival of Contra Collection for consoles and PC. But it was just getting started, as it also announced that it was getting into the plug-and-play console business, with the return of the TurboGrafx 16 console…

In case you missed it beforehand, the TurboGrafx 16 made a name for itself in the 90’s with a number of sleeper hits before disappearing from the market in the face of superior competition. However, it became a cult favorite for many years – and now, many players will get to discover it all over again with a flood of classic favorites.

The company introduced the console during a special Twitch announcement, with the first round of games that will be included with the system. These include the classic arcade shooter R-Type, the alien pinball game Alien Crush, the classic role-playing adventure Ys Book I & II, the dungeon adventure game Dungeon Explorer, the hack and slash adventure Ninja Spirit, the classic sequel New Adventure Island, and more. Several other titles will be introduced in the months ahead, and hopefully we’ll see other favorites, including Devil’s Crush, Lords of Thunder, Gate of Thunder, Splatterhouse and a number of other favorites.

Pricing and availability haven’t been revealed just yet, but Konami did note that more details would be available soon. The system could likely make its debut this holiday season, but we’ll likely learn more about it during Tokyo Game Show. Other variations of the system will also be released, including the PC Engine Mini and the PC Engine Core Grafx Mini. No word yet if the game line-up will change or not.

This is good news for fans of the little system…although, honestly, we could totally use a TurboExpress Mini right about now. Maybe if this one sells well enough.

Look for more details on this system soon!

-By: Robert Workman

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