LUIGI’S MANSION 3 [E3 2019]: Gooooooigi!!!

“Monsignor” Travis Moody

LUIGI’S MANSION 3 (Next Level Games/Nintendo – Switch – 2019) – Having never played a Luigi’s Mansion game before, I really had no idea what to expect. I never had a 3DS. Yeah–I’m a very late, albeit returning Nintendo weeb.

But that’s OK, because I’m thrilled with the spooky sequel’s ultra goofy humor and moderate pacing. It’s far less Super Mario Odyssey and more of a non-strategy Mario + Rabbids. Luigi’s Mansion 3 seems like a great game to play when you constantly have to pick up and put down your Switch…

But let’s chat about the star of the show: Gooigi. Oh, poor Luigi; it’s gotten to the point where Mario’s bro can’t even be the star of his own game. Technically, I suppose, Gooigi is Luigi, just made up of ground coffee, some California bud and a touch of lime juice.

Regardless of Gooi’s origin story, Gi’s ghoulish clone can reach places in the big house the human self can’t (if only we drank more Ectoplasm Hi-C when we were kids, huh!). Couch co-op fans or Switch users with a nearby device will also be pleased to know they can command Gooigi as a support character ala Odyssey‘s Cappy power-up.

Look on the bright side– he saves on dog food.

Thankfully, Luigi is no push-over either. Sucking up and swallowing ghosts into his trusty vac is a lot more fun and challenging than it sounds, especially when swarms of ghouls surround the lanky Italian and do crazy things like carry shields. You can dart flashlights at ghosts and pop plungers into their barriers in need of vac-sucking.

I never knew Hulk Smash-slamming ghosts with the mouth of a mom’s Hoover would feel so rewarding, either. Being a Mar.. Luigi game, there are a ton of puzzles and secrets to explore and power-ups to be had. I’ll be ready to Poltergust them up once release hits later this year. 3.75/5 Gooigi’s.

-Travis Moody

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