MAGNIFICENT MS. MARVEL #1 / OLD MAN QUILL #3 [Reviews]: Tomorrow Never Dies.

Destiny “Evangelical” Edwards

Somewhere in the distant future, on a planet far away, a father tells his daughter a bedtime story about the Destined One, known to us as Kamala Khan.

Saladin Ahmed (Black Bolt) takes over the reins from G. Willow Wilson and immediately establishes that this run of Ms. Marvel is going to be something different. Yet the actual story focuses mostly on Kamala’s relationships with her family and friends, and it feels as if Ahmed is picking up right where Wilson left off. It’s a balance to keep the book feeling both familiar and fresh and Ahmed manages to achieve it. 4.25/5 Broken Jersey City Storefronts.

-Destiny Edwards

“Saint” Timothy Markham

I have to say; Ethan Sacks has a knack for these Old Man series. From where we last saw Quill, our pals have landed on the shambles of what was Earth now controlled by Dr. Doom. We also find the emergence of the Ghost Riders again, who’ve become a staple of these Old Man stories. Once defeated, Quill insists one of the riders tell her friends only to be ambushed at the camp. Thus they become prisoners with a few other familiar faces, forced to fight in what are called “The Games”.

Overall, this story is progressing at a great rate. The art from Robert Gill fits snug with the grungy themes of the story. While there was less action compared to previous issues — other than the one scrap that led to our new setting — Old Man Quill #3 still peaked my interest for what’s to come. 4/5 Ghost Riders Agree.

-Tim Markham

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