MAKING A MURDERER [Season Review]: Netflix Continues to Kill It.

Netflix continues to push boundaries and go the extra mile, and it shows with Making a Murderer. Not only has the show been blowing up in the news, but has also found itself all the way to the President’s desk for clemency.

In this nerd’s opinion, Netflix owned the TV market in 2015. Daredevil. Jessica Jones. The criteria Netflix has when they purchase or green light: A binge worthy program that will make people cry, scream and be downright livid all in one show or even episode.

Making a Murderer is no different.

When Making a Murderer was first released on Dec. 18th, I didn’t think much of it. Another crime documentary! A few days later I was on my Twitter feed and going through Yahoo! News… and this new true crime documentary was the talk of the town. People were in love with the show and absolutely furious at Manitowoc county’s justice system.

The beauty of this show is that it’s for everyone. Past Netflix shows have had certain audiences that they cater to, but this show is literally for everyone. From this lowly geek living in mom’s guest room to even my mother who couldn’t put this show down! It has corruption, greed, sexting and a whole lot of fracked up situations — which is pretty much the consensus of all Netflix shows. I proudly admit that I finished the whole Making a Murderer in the span of 3 days (yes I have a life)! I’ll have you know it was my New Year’s eve plans to finish this show. Okay.. okay.. maybe I have less of life since I live in Heavens waiting room called Naples, Florida.

M.A.M. is addicting, infuriating, sad and amazing all at once. In short, it will glue to that couch maybe even more than The Man without Fear.

“When they send you in for life, that’s exactly what they take from you…”

In brief summation, the show is based around Steven Avery, a Wisconsin man with the IQ of 70 who was released from prison in 2003 after being exonerated for sexual assault, and his nephew Brendan Dassey who have both been found guilty of brutally murdering a young woman by the name of Teresa Halbach. If that sounds simple and like there is no real story here…just wait.

Both Steven and Brendan have been found guilty of a murder that there is no substantial proof too. They are surrounded by corrupt cops that are looking to pick a fight with the Avery family, especially after Steven sues the county for 30 something million after being wrongly accused of a crime and having to commit 18-years of his life in prison for it. I am not going to even come close to scope of this whole story; yes– that means you have to watch it and get hooked. Plus what’s the fun in that?! I challenge you to watch the first episode and not be hooked like a junkie to their pipe.

Comparisons to HBO’s The Jinx or even the podcast Serial have been made already. This show has created a phenomenon to where everyone from notorious hacker groups to various celebrities are up in arms about the injustice that has been served in Manitowoc County. Filmmakers Moira Demos and Laura Riccardi spent 10 years making this 10-part Netflix series and I don’t thinks this is the last we will see of them. Steven Avery is currently behind bars for life with no chance for parole along with his nephew Brendan, both were sentenced to life in prison with no chance for release till 2048. Brendan was only 17 when he was sentenced – he will be 59 when he is released.

Mou-vember participants have nothing on Avery
Mou-vember participants have nothing on Avery

I can’t go an hour without hearing or seeing this show referenced. This is definitely creating a uproar and has the United States’ whole justice system coming into questioning. Online petitions on (2000,000 signatures) and (20, 000 signatures) seek a pardon for Avery, and the second petition asks the same for his nephew. So many frustrations and questions were brought up throughout the whole show; like, the skeevy district attorney or the fact that I am so weirded out by the brother of the victim. Why is he so smiley?!

You will also come up with your own ideas of whodunit. Making a Murderer makes you very afraid to be living in a place with such a corrupt legal system that is going on in our backyard. As stated on Making a Murderer, you can promise yourself that you won’t commit a crime but you can’t promise that you won’t be charged with a crime.

How fucked up is that?

4.5 (out of 5) Sworn on Finger-Crossed Bibles
4.5 (out of 5) Sworn on Finger-Crossed Bibles

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