METAL GEAR SOLID V – THE PHANTOM PAIN [Podcast Review]: No Looking Back.

With a game this anticipated, this huge, your favorite video game geeks could only do Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain justice and give it a 2-week play-through. Although we didn’t find this duration nearly enough time for a game that’s also so massive and extensive, we thank you, our loyal followers, for showing patience as clergy geeks “Saint” Patrick Obloy, “Saint SuperKick” Kenny Sanders, “Brother” Myke Ladiona, and “Cardinal” Gary Brooks dig through this leading Game of the Year candidate in anticipation of our review podcast.

(From L to R): Patrick, Kenny, Myke, Gary.
(From L to R): Patrick, Kenny, Myke, Gary.

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MGSV: TPP is one of the crowing achievement of Hideo Kojima’s career that hopefully will not end with Konami. The choices and options the player is given allows a variety of gameplay. While the credits before and after missions are annoying because it breaks the cohesion of the storytelling, each mission feels important to the story or to Mother Base. With Metal Gear Online arriving in October, there is enough content to leave MGSV spinning in your disc tray.

4.5 (out of 5) Solid Snakes.
4.5 (out of 5) Solid Snakes.
"Papa Justified" Spencer Fawcett @whizbang813
“Papa Justified” Spencer Fawcett







Having played the original game on NES when it came out (that old!) and every single entry in the series multiple times, I’m presumably one of the biggest Metal Gear fangirls out there. So needless to say, I was incredibly excited for The Phantom Pain and also a bit worried about what effect the fallout between Hideo Kojima and Konami would have on the game…

Luckily, Kojima persevered and was able to produce another great entry for what will most likely be the swansong for the franchise. The Metal Gear games have always been an intriguing mix of silly and serious– and this game is no different. Gamers new to the series might get turned off by the goofier aspects, such as Snake sneaking around in a cardboard box or extracting enemies with a giant inflatable balloon, but things like this are what Kojima is known for. The gameplay is still tight and the sneaking mechanics are still some of the best in the business.

The story is surreal, with a mix of heavy philosophical musings and bizarre imagery. There has been much to do about the scantily dressed female sniper, Quiet, but as a female gamer I was not insulted by her outfit. There are plenty of other strong female characters in the Metal Gear franchise, and truth be told, I found Quiet’s backstory to be interesting. The graphics look great as well, though the character animations are a little stiff compared to other next-gen games.


I absolutely love the synth-tinged musical score and the numerous ‘80s songs make it even more fun. One negative is fan favorite Snake voice actor David Hayter being replaced by Kiefer Sutherland (24). Sutherland gives a flat performance, though this is mitigated somewhat by the fact that Snake doesn’t talk very much in MGSVTPP anyway. He’s almost a silent protagonist!

Overall, The Phantom Pain is an outstanding addition the Metal Gear mythos and is a MUST play for any fan of the series.

5 (out of 5) Cardboard Boxes.
5 (out of 5) Cardboard Boxes.
Michelle "Magdalene" Kisner @RobotCookie
Michelle “Magdalene” Kisner







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