MISSION IMPOSSIBLE – FALLOUT [4DX Review]: Old & The Restless.

“Monsignor” Travis Moody
Tom Cruise is a monster. Leave it to the most famous actor in the world-turned-stunt madman to self-capture all the Infinity Stones and strike his 56-year old vengeance on the cinematic world. I’m toying, of course, but with Thanos taking out half the population (and half the Avengers in the process), Mission Impossible: Fallout makes Cruise’s Ethan Hunt the superhero not named T’Challa for 2018 — unless you think the BP isn’t still with us, of course.

Fallout is flat-out incredible. It’s one thing for MI:6 to have some of the most gut-wrenching, visually impressive stunts ever produced on film, many of which — this heart pounds, it really pounds! — Mr. Cruise does himself. It’s surreal. And no format is better to watch this film than 4DX. While my compatriot “The Belser” breaks down the story, acting and performances more thoroughly just down below in our original take, I’ll scoot you through Fallout in arranged motion seating and effects.

I’ve seen a lot of blockbusters in the 4DX format, some great (the aforementioned Avengers: Infinity War), and some great movies not so great in the 4th dimension (Deadpool 2). MI:6 is the best of all– and it’s not even close. Some moviegoing critics have stated that 4DX is a cool gimmick you do once. Some movies in this screening format add some light sprays of water during fistfights, some additional lighting for certain characters on screen, and some stirring seats for more involved scenes. This experience, however, takes you through Tom.. err Ethan’s crazyeffing world. Like, seriously. The amount of pain and death-defying risk this man (IRL and fiction.. or are they both the same) is willing to put himself through is unexplainable. The movie thankfully has very little exposition itself, most that’s needed and easy to take in anyway, thanks to some great performances and a tight script from Christopher McQuarrie; there isn’t much of the usual techno mumbo jumbo of past M:I films either, other than the fun quips of IMF pals Luther (Ving Rhames) and Benji (Simon Pegg), soley used to push the frantic plot into own rewarding pleasure.


After the first 20 minutes of chess moves, the next 2-hours of MI:6 feel like a full-on Virtual Reality ride at a PG-18 Disney. Machine gun battles rat-a-tat with light sprays to the rear tops of your ears while your seat rattles. Hunt’s motorcycle chase through the center of Paris takes a dizzying turn for the best (I can’t believe Cruise trusted all those extras driving scattershot in that scene. Nuts!). But, thunderstorm skydive shots not forgotten, the best 4DX moments of all take part in the wildest helicopter chase since Black Hawk Down. It just never stops, and just wait until August (Henry Cavill) starts reigning thunder on Hunt’s mad-dash chopper.. BOOM–your chairs are going for a wreckless rattling ride reminiscent of Space Mountain. Since 4DX isn’t a roller coaster, of course, you probably won’t lose your lunch, but Mission Impossible: Fallout succeeds in taking you through the mind of Cruise’s monster: how to stay not only relevant, but dominate in a cinematic world firmly in the grasp of Thanos’ palm of power…

It’s real simple: Fallout is Cruise’s best film — an also 4DX masterpiece that you must experience. 5/5 Bibles.

-Travis Moody

JaDarrel “The” Belser

What up, my people? Your boy The Belser, once again back to spit that movie review knowledge on the masses. My selection today is the 6th film in the hugely popular Mission Impossible franchise, Mission Impossible: Fallout. [FYI, I was actually blessed with the chance to see this flick prior to its premiere this past weekend. Unfortunately, ‘real life’ got in the way and I’m putting this in a little later than normal.] Anyway, I’m a big fan of this franchise, which has been around since I was in elementary school. Oh yeah. The first Mission Impossible film came out in 1996 and it’s still rolling. I loved this movie. More on that later..


Two years after the events of Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation (Sean Harris), the remains of his organization The Syndicate have become a terrorist group called as ‘The Apostles’ (*wink-wink*). As a result, The Impossible Mission Force — Ethan Hunt (Tom Cruise), Benji (Simon Pegg) and Luther (Ving Rhames) — are given a mission to stop the sale of three plutonium cores to members of the group, who intend to use them for dangerous nuclear devices, Meanwhile, CIA Director Erica Sloane (Angela Bassett), assigns Walker (Henry Cavill), a Special Activities operative with a brutal reputation, to work with (and keep an eye on) Hunt as he attempts to retrieve the plutonium. This leads to a world spanning adventure in locations like Paris, New Zealand and Norway.

Just another day on set.


Cruise returns for the umpteenth time as the IMF’s #1 –and apparently only– field operative, Ethan Hunt. At this point in this franchise, Hunt is basically Tom on autopilot. Thankfully, it’s such a compelling and well fleshed out character that such a thing is just fine. I mean, in the time that Tom Cruise, has played Hunt, the role of James Bond has changed over twice and Tom is still going. As is standard with these flicks, Ethan is double crossed, disavowed, threatened with death and /or imprisonment and has to overcome ‘impossible’ odds to save the world. Yet again. That, of course, entails a great deal of running, fighting, gun fights and hanging from or off of various vehicles traveling at ridiculous speeds and altitudes. It’s the trademark of the MI series and, as long as Tom is physically able to do it, it will continue.

Just another day on set.


The real standout the cast other than Tom is our current Superman, Cavill as the mysterious Walker. As they describe the nature of the contrasting methods he and Ethan have in the movie, Ethan is ‘a scalpel’, while Walker is ‘a hammer’. His sheer physical presence dwarfs Ethan and he has a pretty brutal rep but he gets results. Since he is brought to keep an eye on Ethan, it automatically gives him an untrustworthy quality that the film really plays up. I’ve been a fan of Henry Cavill since I first saw him in The Count of Monte Christo. For a long time, he got the short end of the stick on a lot of big time roles (James Bond, Batman, etc.). I’m happy he’s finding his own path in Hollywood.

Just another day in Scien… oh, we won’t go there.


Now comes the all-important question: “would I watch this again?’. My answer? HELL YES. The action and dialogue in this movie were phenomenal. This is a movie that definite benefits from the big screen IMAX treatment. The action scenes are so incredible to watch that I found myself flinching at parts. It was like ‘damn, the next one might hit me!”. This was great popcorn entertainment and, because of that, this movie GETS the Belser Seal of Approval. 4/5 Bibles.

-JaDarrel Belser

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