MORTAL KOMBAT 11 [Spawn DLC Reveal Gameplay]: Pathway to Judgement.

Travis Moody

Finally, it’s.. Final Kombat!!! At last, the Todd McFarlane x Ed Boon kollabo will launch this Tuesday, as Mortal Kombat 11‘s final DLC kharacter — Spawn — joins an already astonishing roster. In short, the Image Komics Icon downright looks deadly. Not only does Al Simmons’ gear righteously reflect the MK aesthetic, his array of skills will no doubt make him a fan favorite for months to kome.

Mortal Kombatians have been klammoring for the Hellspawn to enter the tournament. Yes, the dream match-up between Scorpion vs. Spawn is now a near living room reality. But before his Early Access release on March 17th (a few days after the GVO semifinals and final, sadly) and Full Release on March 24th, I was blessed enough to get some early hands-on with Spawn at the WBIE offices. ..

Following an initial first 5-minutes of gear options, skins, and skills, Spawn takes fight against Shang Tsung. Watch as the demon hero heads high above the MK villain to launch a ultra-delayed floating dropkick. Spawn would then lash at Shang and the following DLC foes with a ghastly, glowing chained whip that absorbs into a mini firepit, complete with a smothering from his cape. A few hellblade swipes and chest-high chain snaps follow into a mind-blowing Fatality. Watch the captured footage above for a slew of classic Spawn moves, alternate fatalities and tower ending.

I kan’t wait for more either.

-Travis Moody


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