MY HERO ACADEMIA [Season 3 Finale Review]: The Future’s Gonna Be…Grim.

Chris “Holy Spirit” Sawin

There has been a ton of growth and maturity for the first year students of class 1-A during the third season of My Hero Academia; Bakugo was kidnapped, All Might took down All for One and had to retire as a hero because of their battle, the majority of 1-A received their provisional licenses, Midoriya and Bakugo fought again, and the top three students of U.A. gave class 1-A a brief introduction to what awaits them during their hero work studies. In a way, the series has grown as well…

The first two seasons — with a bigger emphasis on the first — were awful about recapping events that occurred in the previous episode on a repetitive basis. Anime in general does this a lot; but when you’ve got Dragon Ball Z beat in the “Remember this?!” department, then you need to pull it back a little. Season three sprinkled some droplets of Bakugo’s nitro glycerin sweat onto that overly frequent flashback concept and the series seems to move at a better pace because of it.

The finale mostly deals with the third year students known as The Big Three; Mirio Togata, Nejire Hado, and Tamaki Amajiki. Amajiki doesn’t know how to speak in front of large groups and Hado is overly enthusiastic about the specifics of everyone’s quirks, so the only student you get to see a lot of is Togata. His quirk is permeation, which allows Togata to phase his body through everything including the ground he stands on (think Kitty Pryde). Togata takes on all of class 1-A and defeats them with ease. The highlight of Togata’s appearance in this episode is when Midoriya remembers that while he was still under house arrest he encountered Togata’s disembodied face while taking out the trash. Togata also has to shed his clothes to use his quirk properly, which results in him covering up his, “willy,” on a consistent basis.

Midoriya has come to cram heavily and showcase shoot style (when he’s not crying anyway).

While the heroes have been busy, so have the villains. The League of Villains has mostly been in hiding since the defeat of All for One, but they’re also looking for new members in order to gain an advantage on the heroes the next time they decide to attack. Twice brings a, “crazy big fish,” in as a recruit near the end of the episode. The season gave Twice a bit more screen time in the episode before the season finale revealing that he suffers from a Jamie Madrox or Mr. Meeseeks syndrome: he is able to create an infinite number of clones of himself and was the victim of his clones turning on him on one occasion. Now he doesn’t know if he’s the original version of himself or a clone and it’s driven him insane.

The season finale is the typical tease that you’re expecting with nuggets of what to expect when the anime returns for its fourth season, but it’s nothing as crucial as the episode that ended right when Midoriya and Bakugo were about to fight this season which just made you want to plus ultra your foot through your TV or computer monitor. However, this episode was the cherry on top of My Hero Academia’s best season yet. 4.5/5 Willy Covering Bibles.

-Chris Sawin

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