NXT TAKEOVER BROOKLYN III [Preview]: The Sean & Shawn Show!

NXT TAKEOVER BROOKLYN III [Preview]: The Sean & Shawn Show!

“Father” Sean Farrell: Someone call LL for directions and give Jay-Z a heads up, cuz we goin’ back to Brooklyn to take over the Barclay Center! It’s the Sean & Shawn show for NXT: TAKEOVER BROOKLYN III! Five matches coming at you fast and furious, and I’m as serious as a late … nah, that’s the other guys. No need to aim so low.

Sean: Let’s go from the bottom to the top this time around, shall we ? Hold my beer, I got some prognosticating to do!

Johnny “Mr. Wrestling” Gargano v Andrade “Cien” Almas

Sean: Well, so far we have the longest on-air graphics for names on this entire card. Gargano is just starting his singles run as he tries to establish himself in WWE land as a singles star. Cien continues to get in his own way, giving as little effort as possible in matches and being indifferent to whether he wins or loses. Even with The Future A Doub—-errrrr Zelina Vega riding Cien to actually care and stop showboating, I still see Johnny Wrestling getting the victory here.

“Pastor” Shawn Puff: Seriously? What was all that? First off it’s the Shawn & Sean Show. Get it right. Second, this is the definition of a squash match. I don’t care if he’s got Zelina Vega, Vinnie Vegas or Vega from Street Fighter in his corner. Johnny Wrestling in his singles debut?? Wasn’t Almas just feuding with “No Way” Jose?? Come on… obviously you see Gargano winning. There is no way you’re THAT drunk yet.

Aleister Black v. Hideo Itami

Sean: Mr Black vs. Mr Glass. Aleister in recent weeks has taken out BOTH incoming members of reDRagon (Fish & O’Reilly) while Itami struggled in his matches with Chris Hero-sandwich. There is money to be made with Black, while I think Itami’s ship has sailed. Bad timing for Mr. Kenta, who never really got any momentum going due to being injured more often than not. This will be short and sweet, with a Black Mass to Hideo’s soft head.

Shawn: I wanna get behind Itami. I really do. But I just can’t. Even against Fatshit Ohno. Even as a heel. And we’re the #HEELite. I think something happens in this match though. I’ve heard rumblings of the formation of a stable of former Ring of Honor wrestlers being formed in NXT and Fish & O’Reilly were both mentioned as possible members. I could see reDRagon going heel, joining up with Itami and costing Black the match for his two victory’s on NXT recently. THAT would get me behind Kenta finally.

NXT Tag Team Championship Authors of Pain vs. SAnitY

Sean: SAnitY has somehow turned the AOP into the babyfaces here, which makes them an actual heel group doing heelish things. Remember that? When the good guys acted good and the bad guys unapologetically did nefarious deeds? With incoming tag teams and new players on the roster it only makes sense to have SAnitY run with the gold. It’s time for the AOP to take their act to the main stage. I see the AOP dropping the belts to SAnitY and headed to Smackdown to take on the Fashion Police.

Shawn: Oh yeah. You’ve had a few. I was with you until you said the Authors of Pancakes were moving onto the Fashion Police. … Really? … The last clue was… oh, never mind. I hope they don’t try to go full blown face with Akam and Rezar because I just don’t see that working. Let them take the L and show up on Tuesday and go right after the New Day and those silver dollar tag team straps.

NXT Women’s Championship Asuka vs. Ember Moon

Sean: Asuka’s title run will be at 500 days come Takeover. I don’t see her dropping the belt anytime soon. Ember Moon will once again come up short. With the Mae Young Classic about to air and the NXT women’s roster being a bit on the thin side, it doesnt make sense to take the belt off Asuka.

Shawn: Ok. Give me your damn beer. First off, Asuka’s reign will be at 505 days. That jumps her ahead of Rockin’ Robin at the number #5 longest reign behind Bruno, Backlund, Pedro and the Hulkster. What more does she have to prove? She’s not touching any of the top four. It’s high time she makes her debut on SmackDown or RAW and makes her presence felt on the main roster. Add into the equation that there are a bunch of women who signed from the Mae Young Classic that will undoubtedly make their NXT debuts sooner than later and it’s the PERFECT time for Asuka to drop the NXT title, show up on Monday or Tuesday night on the main roster and immediately start her next title reign.

NXT Championship Bobby Roode vs. Drew McIntyre

Sean: The Glorious One vs. The Chosen One. Bobby’s run with the title has only been for eight months, but it feels like a lifetime already. He’s beaten everyone put in his way. That’s what he does. That’s why he is …. Glorious. But, Bobby is FORTY. He deserves a shot on the biggest stage of them all. He is needed more on Monday or Tuesday than he is on Wednesday. With nothing left to prove, I see Bobby losing here to The Highlander. Drew’s long and winding road BACK to where he belongs needs to end with gold FINALLY around his waist. With rumors of new incoming talent (you heard it here first folks, you know how Takeover shows just love in crowd cameos BAY-BAY) Drew will have plenty of challenges ahead of him to finally fulfill the prophecy that Vince put on him….a decade ago. Drew will win, with a STRONG outside assist. Welcome back Mac, you were misused and miscast.

Shawn: Yeah. Unfortunately, all good things must come to an end. Like this show and this GLORIOUS title reign. But the bright side of it is Bobby may move up to the main roster where we’ll really see him shine and we didn’t get stuck previewing Destination X. Drew was the chosen one a long time ago and it seems the prophecies will be fulfilled in the Barclays Center. I think you’re about Strong sticking his nose in this match and costing Roode the title, but does that mean he’ll stick around the yellow brand for a while longer to exact his revenge? Hmmm… I also think we’ll see more than just a cameo from one Mr. Adam Cole BAY-BAY. And that’s no rumor. He’s signed on the dotted line and very much expected to be in the building. (That’s called a spoiler folks) But don’t let it overshadow the fact that it’s Drew’s time now and there’s definitely no sleep til Takeover Brooklyn III.