NXT TAKEOVER – TORONTO [The Sean & Shawn Show Preview]: We Are Not Your Kind.

SHAWN: We’re back, eh!! And this time we’re invading the Great White North, don’t cha know, as we bring you the Sean & Shawn Show Takeover Toronto preview!!! … Eh!!

SEAN: Traditionally, Canada has been Bizarro-Land for the WWE since the mid 90’s, eh! I got a strange brew in each hand and I’m ready for some action.

Candice LeRae v Io Shirai

SHAWN: Io’s recent attitude change is definitely needed. Shayna is on her way to the main roster really soon and NXT needed some new heels to fill the void she will leave behind. As much as I think that loss at TakeOver XXV hurt her, I think it helped develop this heel persona. Her character needs the win here after three consecutive losses to Bazler. LeRae is kind of just floating around so a win here doesn’t do much except get her a measure of revenge. In other words, Io will get the W.

SEAN: Io as a heel has been a blessing. She went from replacement Kari to a woman with a purpose and direction. Across the ring we have Mrs. Gargano, which is pretty much all she’s been for most of her NXT run. Her solo identity needs to be established. This is the only non-title match on the card, making this a pure grudge match. They both need the win to move onward, so like most NXT TakeOver matches an argument can be made for either side. I say it’s time for Candice to get that W.

Shayna Bazler(c) v Mia Yim

SHAWN: Mia Yim has been a problem since arriving on the scene. She’s been playing the part of the street thug, so to speak and she’s been set up perfectly to unseat Shayna. Bro… I know you have a thing for Shayna. … I know this, but your girl is going down. Mia Yim is your new champ in Toronto.

SEAN: The Ace of Spades isn’t going down to no Mia. Shayna has won me over again and again and again. As much as I love and respect Mia? Sole-Food ain’t gonna get it done. She will tap or snap. Nobody on the NXT Roster can stop Bazler. Now if we’re taking about a returning champion or perhaps someone from across the pond popping in to fill that “TakeOver Cameo” spot? Why the hell not? Sasha Banks v Bazler? Money. Bazler v Asuka? She never lost that title, yanno. Money. Shayna v Rhea Ripley? Rematch from The UK show? Mo’ Money. Looking past Mia Yim for the quick win, man.

Velveteen Dream(c) v Pete Dunne v Roderick Strong

SHAWN: This match. … While Gargano v Cole two out of three falls should be exciting to say the least, this match should steal the show. Grab some beers and get ready for a clinic. The Bruiserweight is the master of joint manipulation and Roddy is a ring general. I shouldn’t even have to say anything about the Experience because I’ve said enough that he is the future of this business. The Dream has done his thing and I think it’s well past his time to head over to the main roster and bring the Experience to prime time. Dunne is going to be in NXT for a little bit so a title run for him would be spectacular. A lot of people are suggesting that it’s going to be an Undisputed night. I think those people are wrong. Dunne is here and his reign starts this Saturday. The Dream will be bringing the Velveteen Experience to FOX without the North American Championship.

SEAN: I say put the title on Dunne. Keeps him here in the States, allowing the UK brand to evolve without him for a bit with a legit reason why he can’t be there all the time. Dream doesn’t need the title anymore. He’s over like rover even when he loses. Strong? Nah. Roddy is gonna be the one guy in UE without gold around his waist. Roddy’s only held gold when he was slid into UE to fill in. Roderick making the case that Dunne shouldn’t have even been in the match to begin with is a forward storyline writing itself. Match of the night? Quite possibly. Gonna be a hell of one!

Street Profits(c) v Undisputed Era

SHAWN: Am I the only one that thinks the Profits backstage scenes on RAW & SmackDown have been disgustingly horrendous? I mean, dude… stop. I don’t know what they’re going for but they need to just let it go. UE getting the titles back would be great right? The Profits drop the titles and head over to RAW on Monday to make their official debut right? Wrong. They got that swag son. They got that juice fam. My dudes ain’t ready to drop them belts, my ninja. Fill my cup and let’s get ready cause the Street Profits are bringing those tag team titles back to the after party cuz… and that’s Undisputed.

SEAN: The pattern of calling up the NXT Tag Champs is getting old. I see the UE winning because you need strong Heels for the baby faces to chase. I think that the Profits will be sticking around NXT for a little while longer, but not too much longer, FAM. (Did I use that right? I’m the white brother here).

Adam Cole(c) v Johnny Gargano

SHAWN: You know I hate Johnny Failure right? You know I asked him when he’s changing his whack ass theme song at Evolve in Melrose and he defended it like it was actually a good theme song right? You know I just want him to lose and go to 205 Live right? … You also know he’s their golden boy right now and Ciampa is definitely coming back tonight right? Yeah… so that means Gargano needs to bring that title back home and the D.I.Y. Implosion part DEUCE is about to happen right? I mean, could it be any more obvious? Final fall, Last Man Standing and Ciampa makes the save only to turn on Johnny Chimpo soon after because he wants Goldie back. It’s going to be an undisputed evening of losses for the Era, but I also think it’s their time to head to the main roster in time for the FOX debut and the Undisputed Era on SmackDown is just the injection the Blue Brand needs right now. Gargano take the strap and sends the Undisputed Era on the next train to Tuesday night. .

SEAN: Who wins? We do. We do all night long. Johnny TakeOver won’t be having his hand raised because that was a one time thing. The perennial Underdog just can’t seem to get his hands back on that gold. Which is fine with me. Since it’s Ciampa’s belt to begin with. He’s coming back, and when he does? Someone’s gonna get got. Winner? Adam Cole Bay-Bay! UE Draped in all the gold (not you Roddy!)

SHAWN: As usual, this will be an incredible card. NXT never ceases to amaze and never seems to disappoint. I’m looking forward to another great show the night before SummerSlam. I’m just wondering if there will be a new face in the crowd that’s been kept on the low. Either way, the beers will be flowing, the trees will be burning and Toronto will be taken over

SEAN: I’m outta beer! Gimmie some poutine! We got a looong weekend of wresting, y’all  — and once again TakeOver will be the show to top. Now piss off, ya hosers!

-Shawn Puff & Sean Farrell

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