NYCC 2017 [on the ground reporting and cosplay] Just a Reptar making friends!


New York COMIC Con has come and gone leaving this Nerd to revel in all the news and trailers that were released, and also the new friends and memories that’ll be remembered for years to come. The event itself had loads of games, prizes, competitions, and of course comics for all of its patrons to enjoy.

“I guess all I’d have to say is that I had a great time with my friends, seeing all the immaculate cosplayers, and collecting more art:)” – @ThatNerdWhoLifts

I myself went to NYCC this year and had an amazing time, meeting new friends and finding old ones as well. I wouldn’t say “finding” lightly though, this years Comic Con was insanely packed from day one. Thursday’s are inherently the slowest day of the 4 day convention, only rivaled by Sunday of course, but walking into the Con on day 1 you were immediately bombarded by how busy it was right from the get go.
“This year the con was so much fun, but it was so hard to walk around and find friends.” – @ALJCosplay

Reptar by yours truly!

For me, I spent the whole first day walking around and getting a feel for the con and the floor layout, mainly because I knew by day 2 I’d be strapped to a giant lizard suit and would be limited with how much I could do and enjoy. From the Marvel stage, to the Chevy Car display (where I met fellow GHG Writer Doice), to Artist Alley, and even the Echo Escape room (which I didn’t get to try sadly) the Con allowed people to experience, take pictures, and shop all they wanted.

Of course what’s a con without the celebrities or panels and NYCC didn’t slouch at all in this department, I myself didn’t go to many panels besides the one for “Collider Heroes” which was great in itself but like I said my abilities were limited on the days I was a giant green dinosaur so I didn’t get to do much else.

Although I was suited up as Reptar from the children’s show Rugrats, I did make the effort to get in line and meet Tara Strong who voices Dill Pickle, Tommy’s younger brother, along with a plethora of other characters from various tv shows. She was everything you’d expect plus more; even doing the voice of her character when she saw me. She wasn’t the only celebrity there of course, Kevin Conroy, who voices Batman in the “Batman: The Animated Series” was right there next to her and even Mark Hamill graced us with his presence, who of course voices Joker in various animated incarnations of the character plus some no body I think called Luke Skywalker. You could tell that the regular Con actors are all friends having done this for years. At one point Mark came over to say hello and took pictures with Tara and Kevin.

Chun Li Cosplay by @postachild323

“My thoughts this year was it was very crowded but I still enjoyed it. I didn’t over book myself with panels to go to or photoshoots so I got to actually walk around and enjoy everything. I had the chance to see a lot of friends at once which is always fun. I also went Friday with my dad and got to introduce him to some very talented and nice people. He’s been going to conventions for almost 50 years and loves how it has evolved and become more modern.”  – @BlueGrayEmma

Once Friday came, I was suited up as the one and only Reptar from Rugrats! That was when the Comic Con experience really took off, everyone and their mother (literally) wanted a photo with me. Random people were just handing over their children to me for quick photos, grown men and women asking for hugs, attendants of the con left their post and chased me for a picture with the green T-Rex.

It’s was a ton of fun for me to be able to bring people joy and happiness by wearing a costume that’s simple but makes others laugh. There are thousands of, what I call ‘real’ cosplayers that pour hundreds of hours meticulously making their costume, those are the real cosplayers that deserve much more of the attention. I simply bought a suit online and wore it for fun.

Deadpool Cosplay by @JLowCosplay

“This years con was better than some I’ve been a part of in the past. I may not have been able to do all that i wanted in my 2 days… but I enjoyed my time spent. Saw lots of friends and made new ones as well. I love the cosplays everyone brought and glad mine was enjoyed as well. I have been doing Deadpool for over 6 years now. Best part is seeing the mixes that people put together with deadpool. Looking forward to next years nycc already.” – @JLowCosplay

Something else worth mentioning, I’m not sure but I believe this might have been the first time I noticed it, the Con had “No Gender Bathrooms”. Yea that was an interesting experience for sure, after three days of the con it was beginning to be clear that it’d be a long time before the general public would get used to men walking around the line of women waiting to get in, get inside and use the urinal while a line of women leading all the way out the door just stood there and stared at you. Nevertheless, it was pretty memorable that’s for sure.

“Even though the con was the most crowded that its ever been, I still had a blast. I got to see friends and work with new photographers. I wasn’t able to walk the con floor that much due to the capacity but I still had fun overall.” – @PostaChild323

So will I be going to New York Comic Con next year? Of course. Is NYCC better than San Diego Comic Con? To answer that I’d need to have gone to SDCC first. Hopefully my benevolent GHG nerd brothers find me worthy of a ticket next year!

Until next year everyone,

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