ONE-HIT WONDER / TOMB RAIDER / REVENGE [Reviews]: “Oscar” the Grouch.

This week’s Sunday Stash lands on a Monday! But that’s cool — y’all were too busy watching the Oscars or following them on Facebook, anyway now, weren’t you? With that, let’s welcome someone new into the comic critiquing clergy: the “Bishop” Richard Zom! Known for his righteous video game analysis, Ringside Apostle hosting goodness, and straight filthy Bane cosplaying madness, call it Funnypage Project Zom: Lights, camera, action…

Bang! Bang!

Hey, the craft service budget should have been higher!
Hey, the craft service budget should have been higher!


This week’s Triple S (Sunday Stash Spotlight) would only make sense to focus on Hollywood, for it was Academy Awards Weekend in Tinseltown. Not that the Bishop wouldn’t rather spend his time viewing old ICCW matches on the newfound WWE Network, mind you…but…let’s just focus on my man Richard Reese, shall we?

One-Hit Wonder #1 spotlights — not unlike the folks many of you worshipped between 8-11pm EST tonight — an actor and assassin extraordinaire. The ego-driven, green-eyed heartthrob would kill his own mama’s ass for the right role.

Even nuttier, the man is unbelievably calm and collective. His grand style of being “batty” only leads to stellar performances that would make Sam Rockwell proud. To also watch Reese do his thing is like watching gameplay footage of characters in GTA Online.

Strangely enough, Reese is fully aware of it all; he has become the modern era Last Action Hero. Although much of the plot is suspect, Fabrice (Spider-Man Noir) Sapolsky‘s comic reads with enough cheese that makes Hollywood all the more acceptable in the first place. A Bishop don’t lie; I had a few tears and hurt ribs from a few of his “performances” (hey, don’t tell us we didn’t warn ya in our intro). Seeing what lengths Reese would go for the real-life-role portrayal of the characters he’d normally play in a script is only half the intrigue.

Artist Ariel Olivetti (Cable, Punisher: War Journal) brings this not-so-hush Hollyweird world to life with astonishing visuals that capture the flow and pacing of the story and characters. He delivers a certain panache to an otherwise “true life” psychotic tale. Breastsisisis included, Olivetti nails his panels like the finest studio director. Even with all of comic’s kookie dialog, your eyes will panel-wander to see how far this nut will take his craft– and also witness how much his budget of destruction will rise.

One-Hit Wonder #1 isn’t exactly the “hit” this creative team yearns for with the series just yet; but, needless to say, the bug has bitten the Bishop: I’m already impatiently waiting for the next installment to receive the green light.

Be scared.

3 (out of 5) Bibles.
3.25 (out of 5) Bibles.







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