ONE-HIT WONDER / TOMB RAIDER / REVENGE [Reviews]: “Oscar” the Grouch.

  • TOMB RAIDER #1 – Lara Croft must be a real thrill and danger-seaker for taking such a high risk with a soft opener. The Zom’shop was so blindsided with how bland this issue was, I almost had a heart attack. Although video games don’t exactly equate to great comics (See: Halo: Escalation), this one comes with higher expectations: Tomb Raider the modern-day Xena with all her newfound badassness, and, more importantly, this adaptation features superstar scribe Gail Simone (Secret Six, Batgirl). Problem is, there was far more entertainment in the fist 5-minutes of the newest game than this entire comic. I simply lost interest. Here’s to hoping the script picks up a little too, because I’m all for catching Lara in any action we can get. Pretty hollow2.75/5.
Tomb Raider's Revenge sounds great. Comic mash-ups, anybody?
Tomb Raider’s Revenge sounds great. Comic mash-ups, anybody?
  • REVENGE #1 – In other news, Wal-Mart must be having their annual spring cleaning clearance sale, cause this comic — fresh off the press as it can get — is already b-rated horror movie bargain bin-worthy. From what my eyes had to endure with Revenge, all I saw before me was bad rips from movies and video games. Try: Face-Off meets Xerox image copies of swat guards in Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City. The story from Jonathan Ross (Turf) is about former silver screen player (catching onto our “Oscar” theme here?), Griffin Franks, all 73 years of age of him, who has hopes of reclaiming his glory days — based off his only success in the film industry. Playing the role of the “Revenger” ironically enough becomes his only calling: A mixture of bad decisions, the Hollywood success diet, and poor judgment with the females. These steps lead to his profession in the industry ruining his life, and now he’s pissed. Oh, you heard this before? Sorry, we should have just told you this one was a Sin. 0.5/5.

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