Robert “The DCD” Workman

For years, the only genuine way to enjoy the Phoenix Wright games was if you owned a portable Nintendo system. That’s because Capcom utilized them to the best of their ability when it came to gameplay, using the touch screen to find clues or see through witness testimonies to find the truth and exonerate your client. And for years, it worked. But with the current state of consoles the way they are, one would think that there would have to be some way to bring the games to them, right?

Apparently Capcom thought the same way. And lo and behold, we finally have Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Trilogy, which celebrates three of the best games in the series for a fraction of the cost. And they haven’t looked or played better than they do on the console front. Sorry, 3DS– I’ve got a new place to play.

The package features Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney, Ace Attorney: Justice For All and Ace Attorney: Trials and Tribulations. And while that may not seem like a complete set for some, the 14 cases that are offered here are well worth your time. You’ll see all sorts of wild situations, from witnesses trying to recant their story in spots to defensive lawyers that will go all out on dramatic presentation to prove their point. They’re good fun, though there are a couple of cases that can drag on a little bit, especially in the second half of Justice For All.


That said, the games still feel as good as ever. You’ll be able to navigate through menus to find clues and get things done with relative ease, and also call out things in court should things not exactly look as they seem. A few of you might miss the touch-screen aspects of the game; but I’m just fine with how they turned out on the console front. (Besides, you can always get the Switch version for that on-the-go feeling.)

On top of that, the HD visuals presented in Ace Attorney Trilogy are astounding. The characters are brought to life like never before, even if the animations are still somewhat limited. And some improvements have been made to the gameplay so that it’s a little bit smoother when it comes to navigating through things, doing away with the dual-screens in favor of a less cluttered system. How Capcom pulled that off is surprising, and a lot of fun to discover.

Yeah– Moody’s.

Throw in some cheesy court music (yes, there’s such a thing) and some of the best game writing around (for legal action, anyway), and you’ve got a trilogy that shouldn’t be missed. Plus, the AA Trilogy isn’t too hard on the wallet, going for a meager $30. The only way you’ll be paying more than that is if you buy the physical Switch version. And that’s worth investment for some of you collectors out there, we’re sure.

There’s no objection here. The silly fun of Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney is present and accounted for with this trilogy. And while the balance is each case may not be perfect, this presents a fun romp that will take quite a while to get through– even if you may have mastered the cases before. Kudos to Capcom for giving this series a fair shake. Now we just need to see more court cases in action in a follow-up trilogy, cause we’d certainly “take that!” 4/5 Bibles.

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