POWERS OF X [Comic Review]: X-Cellent Epic Reading!

“Reverend” Ryan Ford
POWERS OF X #1 – Marvel Comics

“Time, time, time – see what’s become of me… ”

While Simon and Garfunkel may or may not have been fans of the X-Men, their lyrics are very appropriate for Powers of X.

The premise set forth from the first few pages creates a cerebral conundrum, the kind best found in a Christopher Nolan film. Or better yet, the kind of story that can confuse the mind of Charles Xavier. Split into several time periods, from Year X-0 to Year X-1000, this twisty tale rewrites millennia of mutant history. Whether or not there is truth to be told remain to be seen. In any case, Charles Xavier has taken a divergent path from the road most traveled by the founder of the X-Men, yet familiar in the same right. Essentially, writer Jonathan Hickman has taken elements from classic story arcs, like House of M, and Days of Future Past, reworked the mechanics and delivered the newest saga sure to go down in the annals of comic history.

She heard you weren’t going to pick up this book.

The scale of this epic is truly one to behold. Spanning several thousand years, the plot has so much room to run free on its own accord while simultaneously adhering to the traditions of great X-Men tales, that it becomes an entry unique to mutant canon. Paired with the dynamic artwork of R.B. Silva, the sheer amount of information in any given panel is mind-blowing.

References to and appearances by some of the biggest names in mutant history, like Mystique, Magneto and Mister Sinister, ground the story while sewing seeds of curiosity that can only be answered by subsequent issues. Not to mention the man-machine-mutant fights. Those are epic. All in all, this is one storyline that I will eagerly follow, and already has the makings of a modern Marvel mutant classic. 4.75/5 Bibles.

-Ryan Ford

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