Dee Assassina

At NYCC 2019 I had the opportunity to play Capcom’s new multiplayer Resident Evil game, Project REsistance. My immediate impressions of this game is that it’s more like Dead by Daylight or Friday the 13th, where four survivors fight against one monster.

But the monster isn’t just some slow walking, blood thirsty killer.

No, this Mastermind tactically places zombies, zombie dogs, traps, and THE TYRANT in various places that the survivors are trying to escape. The Tyrant appears to be one of a few other bioweapons that you can deploy after a meter bar is full. However, those other bioweapons haven’t been revealed. Daniel the Mastermind can also lock doors, take over guns on security cameras, and turn off the lights…

The goal of the survivors is to work together to add time by killing zombies and escaping a few rooms before time runs out. As the mastermind, you’ll sit behind a control panel and switch between security camera feeds. The mastermind needs to find ways to keep the survivors trapped by reducing their time with zombie bites and killing. As the Mastermind you can control the creatures you spawn.

Son of Pun.

Each survivor has different abilities that benefit the individual character and the team. I went with the tank Tyrone who has a super kick that knocks enemies down and stuns the tyrant. His group ability gives everyone a damage buff and he also regains health and has physical resistance. I can’t speak as in-depth for the other survivors, but there’s a hacker named January who disables security cameras; the mastermind thus can’t see what they’re doing and where they are. Then there’s a healer named Valerie who could put down a healing item and mark puzzle items the map (keys, etc.) for everyone to see.


Lastly, we have a melee man named Samuel who is a DPS character with strong melee attacks. When playing as the survivors you’ll need to work as a team to activate abilities at the right time. Then coordinate to gather puzzle pieces and keys to enter the next room.

Empty Class.

While gameplay is different from other Resident Evil titles, a lot of the menus and combat is similar to Resident Evil 2 Remake. You can pull up a map to navigate. You collect and access different weapon, ammo, and healing items in your inventory. Project Resistance adds repair kits that restore broken weapons. Then there the good ole’ RE Engine that makes the death animations looks as gruesome as it did in RE2 Remake. 3-3.25/5 Bibles.

Project Resistance doesn’t have a release window confirmed but will launch on PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

-Dee Assassina

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