REAL HEROES / UNCANNY AVENGERS / IRON PATRIOT [Reviews]: Not Such a ‘Party in the USA’

StarSlamBlackoutSTAR SLAMMERS: RE-MASTERED #1 – This is a classic remastering of Walt (Thor, Orion, Ragnarok) Simonson’s creator owned series originally published by Marvel’s Epic imprint and later via another series from Malibu/Bravura. Available now, monthly for old and new readers alike, this issue is a sci-fi gem that serves as an appetizer of even greater things to come. It is written and drawn by the master, with new colors by Len O’Grady. Wonderfully detailed in that distinctive Simonson way, the artwork simply leaps off the page. Fantastic art? Check. Cool story from beginning to end? Check. Remastering done right (complementing the original art, not stepping all over it)? Chiggidy-Check. This is a must-have read for all comic fans who love a little rough edge sci-fi fantasy. 4.75/5.

BLACKOUT #1 – Another #1 issue, my brothers and sister (I’m sensing a theme). This one comes from Dark Horse and their Project Black Sky superhero line. The best way to describe the titular character of this miniseries, Blackout, is one part Iron Man with a dash of Cloak (of & Dagger fame), and a pinch of neophyte private eye thrown in for good measure. There is more to it than that of course, as Frank Barbiere (The White Suits, Five Ghosts) and Colin Lorimer (Harvest, Curse) craft an, at times, humorous, creepy, character driven thriller. The dialogue alone is a writer’s wet dream — as in, I wish I wrote most of that. Lorimer’s characters are realistic and expressive; I know I often rail against this type of comparison, but it really does have that cinematic look to it. The book also features a back-up tale starring King Tiger, written by Randy Stradley (Dark Horse Star Wars Editor) and Doug Wheatley (Star Wars: Empire). It was a very cool little short, with enough set-up, intrigue, and a doozy of a cliffhanger to leave me wanting more. 3.5/5.

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