REAVER [Comic Review]: Not Your Usual Game OF Thrones!

“Father” Sean Farrell
REAVER #1 – Image Comics

It’s literally Game of Thrones meets Suicide Squad! The Dirty Dozen meets D&D! It’s REAVER! A new ongoing series from Image via Skybound by Justin (Luther Strode/Spread) Jordan, and Rebekah (Buffy) Issacs! The Emperor is losing ground to the enemy in a long war campaign, so he tasks a group of cowards, liars, thieves, turncoats, cannibals and maniacs to go on a (ahem) suicide mission to kill his rival. For the glory of the empire! Uh, yeah…. that never really seems to work out for those who’re about to die.

Justin Jordan is no slouch when it comes to world building. The table is set, the rules established, motivation, and cast settle in rather quickly. A bit of backstory for our entry character that is usually saved for a flashback instead here is the opening salvo. Blood, foul language, swords, magic, monsters and death. You sir, as always, have my attention.

Visually, Isaacs and colorist Alex Guimarães have created a lived in world that is Earthy in tone and color, as well as richly detailed and textured. Battle scenes are blood splattered, and characters are detailed and unique, and easy to identify. Rebekah tells a story with atmosphere and clarity. Nothing looks out of place or generic. Quiet moments and craziness alike are both handled with equal quality.

Jordan promises that each story arc will be another take on a genre filtered through fantasy. Up next? Noir! So damn it, someone’s gotta survive this opening arc (my money is on the cannibal!)! Killer debut. 4/5 Bibles! Huzzah!

-Sean Farrell

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