RINGSIDE APOSTLES [The Apostle Awards Show]: Only ‘The Elite’.

You read our first annual Apostle Awards, but the three of the Ringside Apostles — some would even say “The Elite” of the Apostles *wink wink* — “Monsignor” Travis Moody, JaDarrel “Bad Luck” Belser, and “Angelic” Destiny Edwards give you the why behind the choices for “Match of the Year”, “Woman’s Wrestler of the Year”, “Brand of the Year”, “Even of the Year”, “Wrestler of the Year”, and more!

We also give some quick thoughts on (and Bible scores for) WWE Roadblock: End of the Line; preview the next big wrestling PPV event, NJPW’s Wrestle Kingdom 11; and, of course, chat up our projections and predictions in the world of wrestling for 2017. So do your annual day-long commute to grandma’s house a favor this holiday, and hear the brilliance of “Brother” Myke Ladiona’s entrance themes and the witty banter and “insiders” insight of our Ringside Apostles in our first ever Apostle Awards Show.

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Merry X-Mas, from The Belser Club!

#TooSweet: Destiny, Moody, Belser.

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