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Taffeta "Dutchess" Darling @TheTaffetaDarling
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Oooookay- let me break it down: This story actually started over a year ago with the Death of Damian Wayne (and even further, if you want to count Grant Morrison’s entire Batrun from Final Crisis and beyond) and I have been expecting closure on this for some time. Unfortunately, Robin Rises: Omega #1 offered me nothing of the sort, instead feeling more like an unnecessary, albeit forced story. Peter Tomasi‘s opening feels far too long-winded and wasted, too, summarizing what most fans already knew before picking up this one-shot.

Despite some high-octane action — with some even crazier team-ups (i.e. League of Assassins + ?????) — the story otherwise feels flat, not all that accessible and, more honestly, this Dutchess is still trying to understand what the shit was I just read. As a long time fan of the former Green Lantern Corps writer, I expected more than one long brawl. It was also disappointing to see the few cool moments wasted in this one issue, only to learn that the Damian’s body still doesn’t belong to Bruce, or even the Second Best/Worst Choice.

Instead, we’re flummoxed with fluff…


The saving grace of this issue is Andy Kubert‘s art. The former X-Men and Captain America artist brings the life and vitality to an otherwise boring story. My absolute favorite scene was Batman punching Shazam right in the face, as the Dark Knight shows even he can only handle so much loss. His course of action, obviously, comes across with the vivacity needed to get his point across. It’s a wonderful addition to have Kubert sketching the continuous search for Damian,  but if the writing is anything as it was in Robin Rises, a lot of the weight may wind up on those visual shoulders.

Overall, fans who’ve been following this run will be disappointed. Sure the art is fantastic and there are some tie-ins to the current events going on the in DCU with Bats ‘n Supes, but really it’s all just pointless. I get that Damian Wayne is everyone’s new favorite Robin, but is it really worth a road this shitty just to get there?

Sorry fellow Batman diehards, I love these characters.

I just hated this issue.

1.5 (out of 5) Weeping Virgin Mary's.
1.5 (out of 5) Weeping Virgin Mary’s.







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“Minister” Gabe










All I can say is easter eggs… easter eggs everywhere. Remembering way way back to Harley Quinn #0 from late last year, husband and wife scribes Jimmy Palmiotti (All-Star Western) & Amanda Conner (Power Girl) had set out to make a book that was just a lot of fun, starring everyone’s favorite clown-girl, and practically no plot. This time, they wised up, and made HQICCSD #1, which is a lot more fun, starring Dr. Quinzel, and a loosely put-together plot. And for what it is, I think DC is successful yet again. The great part about this book is Harley plays just about every role you can play attending Comic-Con. She’s treated as a cosplayer, actively looking to get a portfolio review as an artist, worked a booth as a retailer, was utterly confused about Dick’s Last Reso– err “Rude Rick’s Hateful Hideaway” as a tourist, and ends the book hunting for all the unnecessary comics and statues we’re all guilty of wasting our money on every year. No matter what role you play at Comic Con, Harley feels for you. The best part of the comic is definitely all the easter eggs. From the two Doctor Who fans glaring at each other on the cover, to all the “not-exactly-Marvel” cosplayers in the background, HQICCSD is worth your time in multiple read-throughs. Of course, Harley ends up meeting big DC names like her creators Bruce Timm, and Paul Dini, DC Co-Publisher Dan Didio (who had my favorite dialogue in the entire book), Demi-God Geoff Johns with his signature baseball cap, and many, many more. Bringing back the multiple-artist schtick for these whimsical books is a great idea, and it really flows well dividing them by each day spent at the Con. This book is a lot to take in through one read, and after going through it, I’m already exhausted for my own 4-day visit. 4.5/5 Mistah J’s.

DARK ENGINE #1 - Image Comics
DARK ENGINE #1 – Image Comics
"Templar" Mark TBD
“Templar” Mark










Let’s cut to the chase on this one, clergy folk. Dark Engine #1 has some great artwork. Hell, it’s absolutely brutal. I had to read through it twice just to understand what really happened– because I was so busy looking at all the blood, gore and breasteses that were popping out everywhere. This comic, written by Ryan Burton (Dead End Boys) with the naughty penciling via John Thomas Bivens (Popgun), is about a time travelling dame that literally pops into new time zones through another living being, leaving said animal shred into itty bitty pieces! She then kills everything in sight with a bad-ass giant bone sword (starting with the dinosaurs and ending in ancient Egypt). Sure, there was a whole plot that went along with this madness but it bored me pretty quickly. I mean, with all the blood and boobies, what kind of self-respecting man even can pay attention to the story arc? 3/5 Bloody Bibles.

TEEN TITANS #1 - DC Comics
TEEN TITANS #1 – DC Comics
"Dynast" Dana Keels IG @hatandwand
“Dynast” Dana Keels
IG @hatandwand










The Teen Titans are back and all-new! Well, no; not really. But there is a new creative team helming the title, with Will Pfeifer (Catwoman, Amazons Attack!) scribing and Kenneth Rocafort (Red Hood & The Outlaws) throwing down the art. The initial plot is pretty straightforward: Terrorists have hijacked a bus full of kids, and it’s up to Justice League: High a.k.a. the Teen Titans to stop them. And don’t let the initial plot fool you, as there is definitely something larger looming underneath of S.T.A.R. Labs. Though for the most part clouded in mystery, this issue gives each member of the Titans — back as the “Teen” Titans — their own time to shine, which serves as a great introduction for the uninitiated. Rocafort’s art is gorgeous and very well detailed, even if Wonder Girl’s outfit is completely impractical for an adventurer (you DO remember his Starfire, don’t you!??). There’s no way Cassie would stay in that hyper-red-leather-sexualized outfit for long. Still, this is a highly enjoyable — and very modern — first issue that sets up an even more promising run. 4/5 Red Robin Cheeseburgers.

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