Comic-Con — the reason why we do this. Every year, we nerds contemplate attending the world’s biggest pop culture convention and we give in anyway. Sure, the lines may be the lines of death — and you can forget that exclusive Funko POP or the ultra cool sounding party you “RSVP” to. From being able to meet new people, checking out a large number of trade show displays from creative vendors, potentially meet celebrities and dress up as some of your favourite characters, what’s there not to love about Comic-Con?

While nearly as much of a hassle as a pleasure, San Diego Comic-Con is still the geekiest place to be, still brings us much joy in seeing and participating in many of the things you cannot at home, and being with friends and loved ones at SDCC is the best element of it all.

We very much look forward to this Comic-Con in particular, because it will be different. There will be no Marvel Cinematic Universe or LucasFilm in Hall H; there (likely) won’t be as many parties or outside thrills in the past for GHG to get our “geek” on; but there will be as much of a variety on our itinerary as ever before (Anime! Comics! What?). Here’s more or less what GodHatesGeeks is looking forward to at the Con in the coming week.

Kevin “Pastor” Palma

Comic-Con 2018 is set up to be one of the most interesting ones in recent memory, if only for the absence of the usual big time players. With Marvel Studios not making an appearance and WB’s DC movie slate set yet somehow still in limbo, there’s plenty of room for surprises. As a matter of fact, the only 2 things I’m looking forward to coming out of Hall H are SHAZAM! footage (and any other potential DC Movie news) and the Sony Pictures movie that James Gunn has been hinting at over the past few days.

All the rest of my excitement for this SDCC seems to come from elsewhere, and as a guy who’s really into original artwork it’s impossible for me to bring up Artists’ Alley as the thing I’m most excited for. Also, the most recent Netflix series have flipped my opinion on the Netflix Iron Fist, so I’m highly interested on the panel for Danny Rand’s Season 2. The lack of a heavy multimedia presence by the big two publishers also allows me the freedom to be excited about actual comics related news for the first time in the past few conventions. Examples of that include the directions for the Spider-Man series, and those of Justice League and Vertigo. Another presence that I’m greatly excited about is the Big Hero 6 TV series.

Outside of that, this Comic-Con actually has a surprising amount of science oriented panels, including the Creating the Future at MIT Media Lab and the Science of Cool, but not much else. Ultimately, it’s genuinely difficult to not get excited for Comic -Con even when it’s considered a “down” year.

-Kevin Palma

“Monsignor” Travis Moody

Hey, the great thing about no Marvel in Hall H on Saturday is that I get to cover some different things for a change. And with no “Cardinal” Bexar at the Con this year (sad vibes only) and our Derek “Divine” taking his TV critiquing talents elsewhere (don’t worry; he’s still with us on the GHG/Geekdom Fancasts.. the dweeb), maybe it’s time for Moody to step his Geek TV game up a bit. In addition to my coverage of Funimation, Crunchyroll and the respected anime streaming service’s Dragon Ball Super (hey, Anime Expo still has this weeb on an anime high), be on the look out for “Sister” Jenn and I to hit the Ballroom 20 CW Superhero panels on the traditional Hall H Saturday. Of course Hall H Friday will see yet another presumed 5-Bible Preacher panel, just after spending the day in room 6BCF wondering why we love video games so much (Mega Man 30th, Resident Evil, God of War, etc.).

Hall H is still the spot for big cinema reveals all weekend long. Thursday delivers a Jesse Venturaless Predator reboot, with Shane Black (Iron Man Three) at the helm; Friday will have a pair of Spidey treats with Tom Hardy’s Venom (a movie your Monsigner even has a tiny role in) and the Miles Morales-centered animated film, Into the Spider-Verse; and, now, the grand finale of them all, Warner Bros Pictures, destined to showcase cinematic superhero relevancy with Aquaman, SHAZAM!, and Wonder Woman 1984. There’s no doubt that WB delivers a hot SDCC panel every year (despite how the films actually pan out in eyes of most), yet I’m perplexed as to why they didn’t take Marvel’s usual Saturday afternoon spot, which would have no doubt closed the show on a memorable note. Maybe Marvel Studios — despite only having a small Deadpool 2 Uncut panel — still owns the rights to that timeslot? Fuckers.

-Travis Moody

Expect more SDCC previews from the rest of the GHGang shortly.

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