SDCC 2014 Wrap-Up Show [#GHGtv, Ep. 0.2]: GodLovesRogues!

We’re back again with a teaser of the forthcoming #GHGtv debut, and our Wrap-Up of San Diego Comic-Con 2014!!!

san-diego-comic-con-logo (1)

Feel free to join our “Green Minister” Gabe Carrasco, “Brother” Myke Ladiona, “The Goddamn” Lisa Wu, and, your host, the “Monsignor” Travis Moody (and we THINK the “Divine” Derek Vigeant…somewhere…) as we present all our thoughts on The Big One‘s hefty offering of all things geek: comics, video games, sci-fi & fantasy TV & Film (err, Hall H), fun-houses, and much much more!

And, though we are still very much in alpha pre-beta production status (with a very special shout-out to the man behind the music, “Deacon E” Esko, our unfortunately-uncomfy-man-behind-the-handheld-cam “Dynast” Dana Keels & editing clergyman — and star of our initial teaser! — “Reverend” Ryan Ford), come explore the realms of SDCC with us anyway…

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Til next year, San Diego!

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