SDCC 2016 [Panel Review]: Justice League Action / Injustice 2.

"Monsignor" Travis Moody @TravMoody
“Monsignor” Travis Moody

JUSTICE LEAGUE ACTION (Thursday) – Fans attending the panel were treated to the first episode of WB/DC’s newest animated series— and it was entirely awesome! For those dying for the lighter days of yore, you’ll be plenty pleased: The pilot’s over-the-top, arcade style battle between the Justice League and Toyman comes off as a blend of Dawn of Justice and (the panel reviewed just down below) Injustice 2 mockery. The audience roared during nearly every second of its 11-minute duration, and the art design should remind many of the animated hit Teen Titans with its expressive, colorful art style.

(Cont.)Don’t get it twisted; “The threat is always real, but there may be a left turn there,” said producer Jim Krieg, who almost promises the new format works for dropping “the slow build” of act 1, leading to “22-minutes of action in [only] 11.” Episodes also vary in humor and darkness; but the focus, while definitely still action-orientated, will still provide plenty of laughs—even with the Joker (Mark Hamill) not around. But despite the boost in humor, “don’t expect any smiles from Batman” says Bruce Guice. Booster and Bats have a unique and complex hero/father relationship in the show. “[JLA] found humor in the stories but didn’t sacrifice the drama or the action”, the legendary voice actor of batman, Kevin Conroy, said. On the topic of that old Luke Skywalker guy… “It’s such a great pairing. I wish people could see him; what (Mark’s) like in the booth. He practically devours the microphone— he becomes the Joker! He gives me so much in recordings, which inspired me—you get a good ‘volley’ going.”

(Cont.) “There’s playing Batman— and there’s being Batman”… Diedrich Bader “when I was Batman (on Brave & The Bold) I was just playing a really bad impression of Kevin. There’s only one voice.” But while they performed a hilarious “what happened if the two Batmen went to lunch” rendition, the Booster Gold actor also noted that the sizzle reel shown to panel audiences reaches into the lexicon of the DC Comics Universe. James Woods, Ken Jong, Hannibal Burress, Patton Oswalt are just a few of the big name guest stars that will appear on Justice League Action. 4.5/5 Bibles.

"Cardinal" Roberto de Bexar @RobBex2
“Cardinal” Roberto de Bexar

INJUSTICE 2 (Friday) – Mortal Kombat creator Ed Boon and NetherRealm Studios kept their word with their reveal of two new playable characters this past weekend at San Diego Comic Con: WONDER WOMAN and BLUE BEETLE were shown with brief gameplay demonstrations (Writer’s note: The Blue Beetle in the game is current Blue Beetle, Jaime Reyes, and not Ted Kord). And we were also shown the variety of skins for both characters, which all look truly amazing. The two heroes will be joining already released playable characters Batman, Superman, Supergirl, Aquaman, Atrocitus, and Gorilla Grodd.

(Cont.) NetherRealm also said that any future announcements would more than likely pertain to the crossover of a MK character, just don’t expect Scorpion to appear again. “Scorpion was the most downloaded character in Injustice [Gods Among Us], so we’d be idiots not to include another crossover character,” Boon stated. Writing this new game is Injustice writer himself Tom Taylor, who has gained quite the cult following on the comic thus far. 3/5 Bibles.

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