SDCC 2016 [Panel Review]: Sherlock.

SDCC 2016 [Panel Review]: Sherlock.

April "Doc Angel" Doctolero @April_Doc

April “Doc Angel” Doctolero

SHERLOCK (Sunday) – Steven Moffat, Mark Gatiss, Sue Vertue, Amanda Abbington (sans Martin Freeman), and Benedict Cumberbatch all joined forces on Sunday morning to kick off the Hall H festivities. Most of the Nerd Horde was absent this morning, so fans could walk in with less than an hour wait. If you convert that to Hall H time, that’s about 5 seconds.

Screenshot_20160725-093742The CumberCollective / CumberBatch / CumberB*tches, etc., were already expecting Benedict to show up after his brain-exploding Doctor Strange appearance on Saturday. He made his Sunday appearance official by posting a video on the Sherlock twitter page last night.

Therefore, I was surprised when I walked into Hall H like the Queen of Sheba this morning. Of course, I wasn’t expecting to learn a lot because Mark Gatiss is a regular Herodotus when it comes to plot points and spoilers because he is a genius and a self-proclaimed liar. He does it for our own good. The Sherlock team was tight-lipped about many of the details. They can’t even say for certain how many seasons they will make. However, Gatiss assures us that he never said that Season 4 is the last. However, he doesn’t confirm any future plans at this time.

Like the Ancient One, we practice patience and wait for a new season. They are almost done filming. In fact, Benedict and his team have to fly out tonight because they have to film a particularly long and intense scene on Tuesday.

They did not leave us empty-handed. They gave us a dark, action-packed Season 4 trailer and three clues: “Thatcher”, “Smith”, and “Sherrinford”. I’m sure all of you geniuses on Tumblr already figured out what they mean. Is there a third Holmes brother? Is Moriarty back? Is Sherlock ill? I wish I could upgrade my Mind Junior One Bedroom to a Mind Palace so I could figure it out. I also wish Una Stubbs and Martin Freeman were here to add to this obfuscation. At least I’ll have sweet DoctorStrangeLock dreams tonight. 4/5 Stars.