SDCC 2016 [Panel Reviews]: The Last Man On Earth / The Exorcist.

SDCC 2016 [Panel Reviews]: The Last Man On Earth / The Exorcist.

Derek "Divine" @uncledarryl37

Derek “Divine”

THE LAST MAN ON EARTH (Saturday) – Sometimes you go to a panel, not for big plot revelations or to see some revealed guest stars for the next season, but just to laugh and enjoy yourself. The entire cast of FOX’s The Last Man on Earth were on hand to answer questions about the new season and just be the funny people that remind you why you’re watching the show in the first place. Creator Will Forte (Phil) revealed to the audience that Season 3 kicks off exactly where the last one ended. “We know already who one (hazmat individual) — the guy who played Pat, played by Mark Boone Junior, who’s awesome,” said Forte. “We all know who the second person is, and I’m very excited about that person. We don’t know who the third person is. But it’s all gravy after that second person, and I’m excited for you guys to see who it is.”

Now to the funny: While talking about the unusal hairstyle that Phil had last season, actress Kristin Schaal was asked if she would do the same thing: “I’ve had this same hairstyle since I was 18 so I just need someone to shave it off. I would do it right now if someone has a razor.” To which Comic-Con never failing as an audience an attendee yells out “I have one!” Schaal looks at the woman with bewilderment and asks “Why do you have that?!”

(Cont.) Asked about how is it to play the ever-lucky Todd (Mel Rodriguez) — who gets to enjoy the love of not one but two women in Melissa (January Jones) and Gale (Mary Steenburgen) — he modestly answers, “I’m just happy to have a job.” But when asked who he thinks Todd should end up with, he smartly refused to comment. When asked about the three-way “sex scene” shot with Phil and Mike (Jason Sudekis), Schaal remembers it all too fondly: “I’m saddling Sudeikis, and I’m getting Forte just eyeing it all… I didn’t quite get how funny it would be. I was actually bummed we had to move on, because I could’ve filmed that scene for a week.”

During the audience Q&A, one nerd asked why–and how is it decided that–so many people on the show are dropping like flies. Schaal cheekily offered, “Well, it’s really who crosses Will…and I’ve been pushing it today.” Cue the audience losing their shit with both Schaal and Forte allowing an uncomfortable pause develop! But leave it to a young kid to come up with the best question (of course): “I was wondering, since it’s called The Last Man on Earth, how many more people were going to join?” Forte deadpanned that six people, including Queen Elizabeth, would be added to the show before adding: “My answer to that is.. hey.. you know the movie Rocky, right? Are there other people in that movie besides Rocky?” 4.5/5 Bibles.

THE EXORCIST (Friday) – This is what you get for not wanting a write-up on Kristen Bell. The Exorcist focuses on Father Tomas Ortega (Sense8’s Alfonso Herrera), a priest who runs a small parish in Chicago. One of his parishioners, Angela Rance (Geena Davis), tells the good Father of her concern that there are demons in her house. She has two daughters, so it’s in all likeliness that one is a recluse and just stays in her room all the time. The other priest introduced is Father Marcus (House of CardsBen Daniels), an orphan raised since childhood by the Vatican to wage war against its enemies. More on him to come. Despite hearing a lot of good things about this show on social media, all the Divine One has to say is “meh”. Nothing here made me want to run and go cry to my mother. And like most pilots I’ve watched this past week, the only encouraging thing is the last 10 minutes. If anyone cares, it did leave a clever discovery that left a disturbingly creative direction. 3/5 Satanic Bibles. – Derek Vigeant