SDCC 2017 [Panel Reviews]: Harley Quinn / Young Justice.

SDCC 2017 [Panel Reviews]: Harley Quinn / Young Justice.

Richard “Bishop” Zom @Richard_Zom

DC’S HARLEY QUINN: CELEBRATING 25 YEARS (Saturday – 25 ABC) – 25-years of a blond bombshell that is certifiably insane in the membrane. Thanks, DC. This year we celebrate the creation of Harleen Quinzel A.K.A. Harley Quinn, first integrated into the comic book world through Batman: The Animated Series on September 5, 1992. She was initally “just” an Arkham psychiatrist hired on to get into The Joker’s psyche to cure or.. understand him. He used his allure and reverse psychiatry to pray on a weak Quinzel, which eventually turned Harley into his main love interest. Boom! A mainstay character, a future huge box-office draw–and the lovely Tara Strong in full Harley get-up–is born…

The day of September 23 — normally Batman Day — will this year be proclaimed Harley Quinn Day for her great accomplishment in pop culture. Strong, who later narrated a page of Jimmy Palmiotti‘s story, squeeked in her best Harley voice (from just about every video game and animated incarnation) that “every day should be Harley day!”

The 25th Anniversary will also see a special first edition comic to commemorate her lineage with rockstar Jim Lee providing the goods with a Suicide Squad-style Harley Quinn on the cover. Harley co-creator Paul Dini, called his earliest memory of the creation “a red and black blur” and related her signature voice to that of a “timeless” TV Batman henchwoman. Dini, along with other writers such as current HQ scribbes Palmiotti and Amanda Conner — who described Quinn’s sexuality/bi-sexuality (with Ivy?) as “in love with love” — will lend some storytelling skills to this amazing print. Animation legend Bruce Timm is also said to be doing a classic Harley variant cover of the special issue, as well. Overall, a pretty fun panel with lots of excitement for September! 3.25/5 Hyenas.

Be aware of these principal issues to relive and further your HQ knowledge:

  • BATMAN ADVENTURES #12 – 1st appearance of Harley Quinn in comic books
  • BATMAN: HARLEY QUINN #1 – First canonical appearance of Harley Quinn; More detailed origin of Harley Quinn

Mad Love.

  • BATMAN ADVENTURES MAD LOVE SPECIAL #1 – 2nd appearance of Harley Quinn in comics; First origin of Harley Quinn in comics
  • HARLEY QUINN #1 – 1st issue to 1st Harley Quinn titled on-going series
  • HARLEY QUINN REBIRTH #1 – Because Rebirth rocks

YOUNG JUSTICE: OUTSIDERS (Friday – 6BCF) Young Justice returns!!!! as Young Justice: Yes–you heard it right; after the internet of geek-fandom erupted when the show was canceled at the close of Season Two — combined with the major cliffhanger and fluid, rhythmic art and storyline that carried serious depth — fans were left salivating for YJ everywhere. Art director Phil Bourassa will return to the show that dared to push back. With a hardcore fanbase that stood up to the powers that be, the rebirth will take place via DC’s digital streaming service — giving more “wiggle room” to play with that the Cartoon Network could not.

Producers Brandon Vietti (Superman: Doomsday) and Greg Weisman (The Spectacular Spider-Man) have confirmed the return of the original cast of characters, now revamped — looking all kinds of awesome. Prepare you eyes to feat upon Blue Beetle, Static, Beast Boy, Kid Flash, Robin, Thirteen, Arrowette, Arsenal, and Wonder Girl. Nerds shall witness a change in time as years past and new leaders will emerge, as well as new members joining the team. Weisman, whose fav moment from Young Justice occured when Zatara became Doctor Fate to save Zatanna, said that, for Season 3, 10 scripts have been penned and 26 episodes have been planned. Mock-ups and stories are also being written up for a possible seeason 4 -5. Now, if only we knew whether or not we’d see Deathstroke… 4/5 Bibles.

-Richard Pearson