SDCC 2017 [Panel Reviews]: The Walking Dead / Fear The Walking Dead.

“The Traveling Nerd” Lance Paul

FEAR THE WALKING DEAD (Friday – Hall H) – After finishing one of the best first halves of a season ever for this red-headed half-undead step-sister of The Walking Dead, I was excited for this panel. Not only did this first half season come right out the gates and rock me, but it also outshone its predecessor. The panel was once again hosted by Chris Hardwick (Talking Dead), who brought on all of the main producers, main cast and the new add-on’s for this year.

One clear indication from the producers is that they embrace the theme of balancing the scales this season, in more ways then one. Show creator Dave Erickson mentioned that they chose to show off Native America in a world where scales can be balanced. Also, him and Robert Kirkman gave hints at a much bloodier and more dangerous end — especially for Nick, who gets closer to more violence than he’s used too. Huh-uh, just like his mother. There was fun to be had with the producers as well, like when Kirkman started talking about the magical telephone that will link Walking Dead and Fear, all to many laughs. Though by the end of the panel they did mention expanding the Dead universe, such as the Cosmnaunts shown previously and how the two shows may be able to link some where down the line.

After the producers had their moment, Hardwick brought out the man cast; Kim Dickens (Deadwood), Colman Domingo (Birth of a Nation), Frank Dillane (Harry Potter), Alycia Debnam-Carey (The 100), Sam Underwood (The Following), Daniel Sherman (Teen Wolf), Dayton Callie (Deadwood), Mercedes Mason (NCIS), and newly added Michael Greyeyes (The New World). Here are some of the other highlights from the panel:

“Shh. I’m trying to beat Zelda.”
  • Following a hard-hitting first half of the season, Dickens’ character had already lost a husband; but we also find out the truth behind her character and killing her abusive father. “The reveal was really satisfying to me. I thought it was really beautiful how it came out with the fracture between her and her kids… The Parent has became human to her kids.”

  • The Native American theme led to Frank Dillane mentioning the difference between American and British culture and how eye-opening it was to hear the whole “this is not our culture and so and so.. these Native American’s running around with didn’t mean as much to me,” Dillane quoted. This also gave a great foundation for new comer to series, Michael Greyeyes to talk about his culture and strong characters. “I love playing Walker. I was a huge fan before I came on. To play a character who is not only a leader who’s intelligent and articulate, but also brutal and strategic is amazing.” Within only a couple episodes, Greyeyes has turned the entire ranch inside out. 4.5/5 Undead Bibles.

“Father” Haynze Whitmore

THE WALKING DEAD (Friday – Hall H) – For my first ever Comic-Con, this Walking Dead panel was a delight. Why? Negan!
That’s why! Jeffery Dean Morgan acted out his chilling, fan favorite antagonist to the audience. “You got your shittin’ pants on? Cause you’re about to shit them.” Following the more showie elements, there was a moment of silence in the beginning of the panel that recognized stuntman John Bernecker after he fell and died last week on on the show. With that, the producers and cast said they were primarily here at SDCC for the fans and strictly stuck to a Q&A. Maybe Moody can capture the more in-depth feelings of the panel at next month’s Walker Stalker con.

Regardless, the panel answered many fan questions and everyone had a laugh at Andrew Lincoln‘s character Rick and his use of his on screen son’s (Chandler Riggs) name “Carl”. All cast members and producers were very.. very appreciative of the fans (perhaps for still arriving despite the clear absence of ultimate guiding light–Steven Yeun); despite the overall level of drama on the show, everyone provided a lot of humor at the panel. And, my God–the the new Season 7 trailer was what we were all hoping: action-hella-packed. 4/5 Dead Bibles.

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