SHARKEY THE BOUNTY HUNTER [Review]: Mr. Ice Cream Man.

Lisa Y. Wu

Sci-fi dramedy with some Millar-raunch? Subscribe! From the man that created Kick-Ass, Kingsman, and Wanted comes Sharkey The Bounty Hunter, the third Millarworld franchise with Netflix published by Image Comics. Mark Millar’s press release states, “Sharkey kicks off a whole world of sci-fi that’s just a great action comedy in the style of all the movies I grew up with.” Well, Mark isn’t the only one who has been missing a genre of comic and movies.

By collaborating with artist Simone Bianchi who has worked on Grant Morrison’s DC Comics mini-series Shining Knight and Marvel’s Astonishing X-Men with Warren Ellis, and letterer Peter Doherty who has worked on Dark Horse’s Shaolin Cowboy, Millar creates a bright but gritty world where a former intergalactic special ops veteran can have a whole lot of fun gambling, sleeping around, and bounty hunting. But you just know there is something more to Sharkey’s rough and tough demeanor after taking on a little green Short Round, Extra Billy, who he accidentally orphaned after arresting his Uncle Jax.

Millar’s ever reluctant protagonist, Sharkey, and his ten-year-old tag along partner driving around the universe in a decommissions ice cream space ship is the type of comic book entertainment that comic fans have needed. Fun has been seriously lacking in comics lately! So, hop inside this ice cream space ship and go on a bumpy ride that will bring a goofy grin on your face and free you from the drama and darkness in this world. 5/5 Wu-Bibles.

-Lisa Y. Wu

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