SHE-HULK / X-FORCE / THE FUSE #1 [Reviews]: All You Need is Love/Violence!

  • THE FUSE #1 – What this book does well is set a tone. It’s a murder mystery in a spaceship, a living space for seemingly millions of people. Great art (Justin Greenwood), great start. A little slow going, honestly, but I trust that Antony Johnston (Wasteland) building a mystery. As far as first issues go, it gives you the taste you need to make you come back for more. And at $3.50, it’s a steal for what you’re getting. Basic gist: Someone’s killing the homeless on a spaceship. And a new detective is being broken in. While it’s a very basic premise, the sci-fi skin equates to a very cool idea. 3.5/5.
Move out of the way; David Carradine is back.
Move out of the way; David Carradine is back.
  • BATMAN #28 – Really this is just a teaser book. Is it good? Sure it’s good. You come to expect that from this cast of creators (Scott Snyder & James Tynion IV/Dustin Nguyen & Derek Fridolfs). Spoilers abound: Harper Row has suited up as Bluebird, there’s a new Oracle-esque figure in the cave (apparently a female based on the body shape), Catwoman has suited down to just plain Selina and the boss of bosses, and Stephanie Brown makes her first New 52 appearance as…well…Spoiler. That’s pretty much it. Is it good? Yeah, it’s still pretty good. Just an appetizer though, and it seems a bit like No Man’s Land, Contagion, Knightfall, and countless other Batman crossovers. 3.5/5.
Lookout! Over there! It's a Fistful of Comics!
Lookout! Over there! It’s a Fistful of Comics!
  • THE MERCENARY SEA #1 – Everything everyone is saying about Kel Symons‘ comic is correct. High adventure. High seas. Treason. Espionage. Insane antics and crazy characters. The cast could find their place in films starring Arnold and a band of misfits in the jungle against a predator. I love the little touches this book has: making the jungle savages speak English, enjoy films like Duck Soup, and some of the other finer things in life, like popcorn. Instead of eating people, they eat popcorn and discuss the gams of the stars. You’ve also gotta love the touch of throwing in books like Robinson Crusoe and Treasure Island to tease what I assume was homework for the creators of this book. Just the same, Matthew Reynolds’ pencils and colors are something to behold, with an animated style that offers a fresh voice in comics. He could just as easily jump on Archer. It’s that good. 4/5.

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