SINESTRO / HULK / SOLAR [Reviews]: Atom’s Family.

STAR MAGE #1 – Written by novelist JC De La Torre (Ancient Rising) and drawn by Ray Dillon (Servant of the Bones), this is a good book for all ages. It has the feel of cool 80’s sci-fi. A bit of Rich Rider Nova mixed with The Last Starfighter, Luke Skywalker and Harry Potter. Some of the conflicts and setup we have seen many times before, albeit something special in this age of dark and brooding not-so-funny books. Also quite lighthearted, despite a bit of mysterious tragedy alluded to throughout the issue. Dillon has a nice, clean animation style which really makes his line work and colors shine. Good story, good start, and a fresh change of pace from what has become the norm. This is one to watch for both old and young geeks alike. 3.25/5.


GENESIS #1 – From the first book of The Padre: On the 8th day Nathan (Black Widow, Who Is Jake Ellis) Edmondson and Alison Sampson (In The Dark) created Genesis. Jason Wordie provided the fantastic colors, and it was good. Nay, it was better than good. A prestige format one-shot (think very mini-graphic novel) that delivers a modern fantasy adventure — tripping the mind fantastic. Alison’s artwork is dreamlike and surreal. There is a subtle elegance to her linework that compliments the deep, thoughtful, engaging script. Wordie’s soft palette of colors helps bring the images to life and serve as a great compliment to Sampson’s style. The $6.99 you spend on this book will probably be one of the most rewarding reading experiences you can have this comic book week, especially with the cool extras in the back (a pinup gallery, as well as a few process pages detailing script, color, pencil, and inking progression). This is the type of book you hold up proudly when people ask you why you still buy physical literature, or “what’s so hot about Indie comics anyway?” Right here. This. I won’t spoil the details of the tale. But suffice it to say, Genesis redefines what life after death can mean. Imagine if one simple act of weakness could open a door allowing you to make all your hopes and dreams real. It is magical, spiritual, filled with wonder and tragic consequences, and the dangers of imagination left unchecked. I am going in for my second re-read and you need to pick this book up and get lost in the wonderful fairy tale nature it exudes. 4.25/5.

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