SOLAR OPPOSITES [Comic-Con@Home]: Repli-Can.

“I hate Earth. It’s a horrible home. People are stupid. The second you point out Christ was an alien, they get all wound up and start yelling at you, even though he did a bunch of alien stuff. Get with it. It’s—no big duh.”

“Alter Boi” Frank Simonian

Fans of the Schlorpian show were treated with a surprise at the beginning of the panel, which was hosted by Jevon Phillips from the Los Angeles Times. The audience is treated to an animatic black & white of a scene from the upcoming new season. We find Terry and Korvo enjoying time away from their replicants until they find out Jesse and Yumyulack are out of school for summer vacation. That’s when Korvo and Terry get the idea to send their respective replicants to summer camp.

The panel composed of: Justin Roiland (Korvo), Thomas Middleditch (Terry), Mary Mack (Jesse), Sean Giambrone (Yumyulack), and executive producers Mike McMahan (who also co-created the series with Roiland) and Josh Bycel. The first half of the panel discussion is centered around the actors connections to their animated counter-parts. McMahan jokingly revealed that Season 2 is addressing the haters. Josh Bycel touched on topics like the reveal of another set of aliens on Earth that Korvo and Terry meet; Terry also becomes obsessed with dinner parties, which puts him at ends with Korvo.

Another episode explores how Korvo “doesn’t understand how Brooklyn is cool.” Another little tidbit for fans of the series is the discussion about how Terry’s t-shirts are pitched by the writers, and the best worst one won. Phillips also addressed the rumor that Roiland was originally going to voice Terry and Korvo. Roiland did voice both characters for the original animatic. Middleditch was brought in for voicing Terry when the series was picked up.

The panel sprinkled an assortment of little gems for fans of the series, with even a mix of Season 2 talk and Season 3 prospects. It was also casual, which felt like an audience was watching friends just having a conversation about a show they loved to work on. Last half of the panel was about how Solar Opposites sits as a show, the influences, and a Q & A from fans via video questions/ Twitter/ IG. Notable: Mary Mack exclaims that Solar Opposites has a “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia” vibe and how much she is a fan of the show.

Still beats Christmas with the Kranks.

One of the popular question that fans posed on the panel was if there would be a Rick and Morty/Solar Opposites crossover. This led to an hilarious tirade about all the possible Solar Opposites crossovers such as a Transformers one. Another popular question was about what characters are returning in Season 2. And of course, The Wall. S02 looks to mix up the dynamics in the pairs of aliens, written with a S03 in mind.

The panel wrapped up discussing Roiland’s and McMahan’s love for submarine movies and the discussion about the music of the series. Specifically, The Wall episode and how it took a 60+ person orchestra for the original score. A word to describe the panel as a whole — and I have to use the one Middleditch used to pretty much describe anything during the stream — is the word “fun”. Fun for the panel, and I think it will be fun for fans to laugh alongside the cast and producers. Phillips was a good host keeping the tangents from stealing the discussion. Keep an eye out for Dawn/Don Tingh. They be there. Watching. 3.25/5 Bibles.

-Frank Simonian

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