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I’ve always heard about how good Spyro was way back in the classic PlayStation days. At the time my one friend would tell me how much she loved it, even though it was marketed for a younger audience. The level designs and the playability were what kept her coming back. So, when I heard it was being remastered I had to step foot into the World of Dragons…

Spyro Reignited Trilogy is a collection of the previous three console Spyro’s;
Spyro, Spyro: Ripto’s Revenge, and Spyro: Year of the Dragon. The thing I like most about the pack are the updated graphics. Textures are smooth as silk, the colors are vibrant, and everything about the world seems alive. The cutscenes match the game itself, so it’s seemless; unlike back in the day where you would watch an amazing cutscene and then get jarred back into the system’s limitations on
polygon counts. Just as far as immersion goes, the Reignited has grabbed me.

Looking at and hearing from other Spyro fans, the levels have not changed. The levels and where everything is placed is right where it was back in the 90’s. So, whether looking for dragons that got turned to stone, or eggs that were stolen by an Evil Sorceress, everything is where it should be. The only difference is the updated graphics– which brings me to my one major complaint: the camera from Hell

How do I strike you.. forward tho

If there’s one thing that bothers me is a camera that flies all over the place and does things that you don’t want it to do. Welcome to Spyro. I know some purists will be like Adam, you suck at platformers and have no idea how good it was back then. See, you are right– I suck at platformers, but this is 2018 and now-a-days the camera doesn’t fly
off into some area I don’t want it too. I am used to a third person view where the camera stays behind the character.

Sure, that would be the passive option, but even that view is wrong. Either way, camera gave me motion sickness. AWESOME. Yes, left trigger will center the camera, but –holy crap!– when you just let it go… it goes. Everywhere. Call me a jackwagon. Fine I can take it. But I prefer the Gears of War third person view or even Uncharted. This game though? No sir.

Cue obvious Nelly drop.

In what I did play, which was a fair amount and I am still playing through all three games … the Trilogy is fun, with tons of things to do, and a lot of unlocking. It’s a platform Destiny. Or, is this game the game Destiny is trying to be? (I’m not sure and neither is Bungie.) Anyway, mini sidequests, like spitting rocks at lizards, or finding all the stone dragons, makes for a fun time. Sure I could progress the story, but a little distraction never hurt anyone.

After pouring in several hours I now understand why Spyro had an admirable following. It’s a fun game, with things to do that are enjoyable, and a character who has a personality. Spyro Reignited makes for a super Black Friday / Holiday gift so long as one can discover a way to fix the camera that is giving me fits. 3.75/5 Bibles.

-Adam Bowers

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