STAR WARS – THE CLONE WARS [Season 6 Review]: Gotta Keep ‘Em SEPERAT’d.

…except when it comes to Ahsoka Tano. Wasn’t the whole point of having a Season 6 to discover our favorite Padawan’s fate following her departure? I suppose that will have to wait. Oh, and about Darth Maul… His story is coming to a Dark Horse comic mini-series, Son of Dathomir, on May 21. Kinda cool. At least it’s coming in some form or fashion. But hey– for the most part, “The Lost Missions” doesn’t try to be anything else but that: a season lost on its own discourse, a mixed bag of brilliance and the unnecessary; or, merely just, a brave attempt to make Jar Jar look cool. Yipee.

But hath no fear, the Force in Season 6 is also very much clear. Despite this disruption among the ranks — much of the Rebellion is finally able to smell the poo sweating off Senator Palpatine (you can just see it in Ani’s eyes) — there’s plenty here for Clone Wars vets to adore.

No worries; they're all wondering when that Ralph's on Ventura will open up, too.
No worries; they’re all wondering when that Ralph’s on Ventura is gonna open up, too.

The actual Star.. Wars is great. The air strikes between Clones and Droids is as furious and as frantic as the films, offering plenty of excitement between the typically sound geopolitical study. With so much interplay between the Separatists and Republic, a who’s who of double-crossing, shaking and mind-breaking, the battles become as important as ever. Eye-pilots will get plenty of bang for their Netflix buck. And besides the aforementioned hijinks with Mr. Binks and Mace Windu (whose own ninjitsu saves a near poorly thrown-in arc), this season remains as deep and dark as usual.

The most haunting sequences involve Master Yoda. The Jedi master (voiced by Tom Kane) takes it upon himself in the season’s final arc to examine his own health — more importantly his own psyche — through a series of Force trials during these most treacherous of times, to catch whether there’s even an inch of Sith in our little green pal. More importantly, we finally get to find out how Yoda got to Dagobah.

Yoda just tryin’ to manifest destiny, metaphysically speaking.

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