STAR WARS – THE CLONE WARS [Season 6 Review]: Gotta Keep ‘Em SEPERAT’d.

Of course, if you’re reading this then you more than likely watched the original and know the answer to awaits Yoda, but these final eps still display a mighty impressive array of sequences and exciting challenges. One particular moment in this “mind trial” even reminds me of the final stages to Mass Effect III.

Oh! Did I just turn you all away? Shame, then.

N***a, please.
N***a, please.

Strangely enough, the third story arc spotlighting the mothaf&^*&# Mace (Terrance C. Carson) and Jar Jar’s adventure through intergalactic India isn’t even the season’s worst. It’s saved by one amazingly badass fight sequence that us Jedi have been craving since his untimely cinematic death. No, the “Lost Files” second batch of episodes could have been easily called “Bank Wars.” I know Filoni and Co. love meshing George Lucas’ intended vision with their own modern sensibilities (i.e. Mace letting Jar Jar borrow his “iPhone”), but using our own current hatred towards corruption with fantasy/space lore was nothing.. well.. more than a.. (you guessed it!) bore.

I mean, seriously…

I wonder if Chase is offering lower rates?
I wonder if Chase is offering a lower APR?

Padme (Natalie Portman in the movies) Amidala‘s ex-boyfriend Rush Clovis couldn’t rush off the screen quick enough. He’s such a toolkit. We know it, Anakin knows it, the Seperatists know it — and that’s why his own senseless gullibility is used for their own political agenda. Besides catching Darth Anakin (Matt Lanter) kick the crap out of Clovis a couple of times, it was nearly just as rad watching Count Dooku (Corey Burton) get snatched up by a higher power as well.

Dissention lies not only within the Gala-Republic ranks here in Season 6 either, kiddies…

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