STAR WARS – THE CLONE WARS [Season 6 Review]: Gotta Keep ‘Em SEPERAT’d.

This leads me to the beginning of the end, the opening arc that means more to the title of the show than any other: Order 66. How did the Clones — in this era of Star Wars dubbed The Clone Wars, after all — become so important? So human, so gifted, so not-your-typical-mindless-useless-drone-character? Why have we fallen in love with soldiers who were never really household names to begin with?

Crazier, just how are they programmed? The opening act explores many of those questions in addition to the fate of Clone trooper Fives. Expect it to get hella hairy up in there. It’s these types of stories that essentially and aesthetically seperate this era from the rest. So, even if we don’t exactly get all the answers we want concerning some of the more household names (including arguably the most popular Clone of all, Captain Rex), this series has always been about them anyway. And the following answers shared this season may frighten you.

I got "Fives" on it.
I got “Fives” on it.

Final thoughts… (weeps and cries more than you and your sister did during the season finale of True Detective)…

For a series based on the tradition of Good vs. Evil, there’s a lot of gray-area duality fishing through the majority of the characters in this final season — especially the Clones. If the prime goal of this creative team was to make us feel for everyone involved, then, hell, they deserve all the credit in the world for doing just that. Above all, The Clone Wars has accomplished what had been initially unthought of: make us like Episodes I-III. This series went and flourished each and every character and important instance from the newer films, and, better yet, gave all of this intergalactic gloss some bleeping personality.

Indeed there’s plenty of personality — and, thankfully, heart — in the si(x)th and final season of The Clone Wars, even if the details us Jedi so longed for still have to wait at the expense of a damn Mouse.

3.5 (out of 5) Light Sabers
3.5 (out of 5) Light Sabers







Star Wars: The Clone Wars’ Season 6 now available for stream on Netflix.

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