STRANGE BRIGADE [E3 2018]: Punchy Pulp!

“The Traveling Nerd” Lance Paul

I was able to get my hands on Rebellion’s new 30s-tinged third person shoot, Strange Brigade. The demo was great and perfectly showcased the four-player co-op abilities of Strange; the title also takes place in a B-movie inspired action/horror world with a ton of fun ideas and hours of game play for you and your buddies with a few beers!

The demo placee me in an African jungle setting, similar to what was shown at last year’s E3. I had four options of adventurers to pick from; a British male hero type, the sexy side kick attractive female type, a African female native, and the British researcher (think a skinny Jack Black from Jumanji). Each hero had unique abilities, different weapons options and certain specific projectiles. Each of your weapons can be upgraded with in game gems that can boost up the fire power. Once my character was picked I joined an ancient temple setting with three other E3 gamers as the zombie massacre began…

These bad guys may be overused, but they fit the setting, and they’re undeniably satisfying to take down. In terms of control, aiming the weapons was a little stiff, making the surefire headshot a bit challenging, but rewarding once landed since it destroyed a couple enemies at a time.

Overall, the presentation was fun! The 30s schlock and BBC appropriate voice over gives you the feeling of stepping right into a radio melodrama. Also, the text and basic load out info was all tailored to early Hollywood font adding to the visual experience. 3.5/5 Mummified undead actors agree!

-Lance Paul

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