SWCC 2019 [News & Trailer]: Star Wars – The Clone Wars, Season 7.

“Monsignor” Travis Moody

As if we needed anymore goodness from Star Wars Celebration Chicago 2019, Day 3 brings us a Season 7 trailer for Star Wars: The Clone Wars. That’s right; following 14 episodes back in 2014, SWTCW is back for a dozen more episodes. You can thank Star Wars Rebels auteur Dave Filoni, or the higher-ups at The House That Mickey Built for Disney+ — their brand new streaming service coming this fall.

On Sunday (not even the last day of SWCC 2019, mind you), Clonerunner Filoni and the cherished voices of Ahsoka (Ashley Eckstein), Rex/his troops (Dee Bradley Baker) and Darth Maul/Supergirl‘s Agent Liberty (Sam Witwer) reflected on what was and now, ever-so-thankfully, what shall be. Peep the trailer here, if you haven’t watched the panel already…

Here are just a few notes from Sunday:

  • The Clone Wars Season 7 will center on the growth of Ahsoka Tano, snazzy new jumpsuit and all, and explore her backstory from leaving the Jedi as a teenager to the matured force we witnessed more recently in Rebels.

  • Oh! And remember that video game thing that never happened, Star Wars 1313? We’re going to see Ahsoka jump to Coruscant’s notorious level. There she’ll meet Rafa and Trace Martez, two sisters with entire different outlooks than Tano on the Clone Wars life. Can you say, “character growth”!?

  • Ahsoka won’t just meet neat people and have emotional chats. Filoni promises an intense, “epic” lightsaber battle between Tano and Darth Maul — perhaps, with the 20th anniversary of The Phantom Menace, the centerpiece model of this Celebration. Donning a new look inspired by Solo, TCW creators actually called upon Ray Park to mo-cap the duel for animation. Man!

  • Arguably the most exciting news of all at the panel is the completion of The Siege of Mandalore. I mean, the timing couldn’t be any worse…right? Filoni explained the importance of keeping the siege authentic, and how fulfilling it was to finish it. Witwer added that we’ll see another different side of Maul this season, switching up his obsession with revenge. “Maul tries to think his way out of [the Siege]…something he’s never done before.”

-Travis Moody

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