The 1st annual Instagram Royal Rumble!!!

Have you ever watched The Hunger Games? Battle Royale? Or even The Belko Experiment?
Imagine what would happen if you were to pin all the major Comicbook Instagram Accounts against each other? Well that’s exactly what @562Comics did with his “October Madness Tournament”

“I love creating, innovating and bringing people together. Tournaments and contests are a way of celebrating the culture and recognizing the people who make IG an entertaining experience. I’ve been doing it for the cosplayers for a while and I did the #562nerdyawards back in March. Unfortunately, IG did not have the tools to make it the ultimate experience yet. However, once the Story polls came into play, that’s when I knew it was time to make it into the ultimate experience. I was pleased with the outcome as I saw the most activity in my IG stories. This also opened the door for others to be part of it whether it was as a contestant, Bracket entrant, creating a 15 second video of who you were rooting for, voter, an artist or musical talent. The end goal is to bring us together to celebrate what we do and to make this community stronger.” – @562Comics

Over 60 Accounts all placed in 4 Brackets, multiple accounts big and small being paired up allowing their followers to vote and choose who gets to move on the next round. It is great to see followers included in the voting process. This is a great way to repay your thanks for them following your account. We all appreciate people following our accounts as the figure ultimately means a lot to us individually. Growing our following hasn’t been easy, but the main thing is that we always try to reach our goals daily. With perseverance, this was something that we were not going to let go of. Plus, since we have options of being able to buy Instagram likes from Buzzoid, we knew that at least giving this method a try would help us out when it came to increasing our content engagement and followers. You would think that the more followers someone had, the more votes, but that didn’t seem to be the case. Multiple “upsets” and underdogs pulled up through the ranks. One such example would be when @WorldOfMera (19K Followers) won the first Round against @AmzingFantasy (67K Followers). Not to mention when @TheBatBrand and myself (@TheRealNerdyHero) tied in Round 2 and had to go into overtime.


“I loved the tournament. It was a great motivator for me to step up the quality of my content for next year!” – @ComicBookHQ


“The October Madness was an extremely creative idea. Although it was a competition between accounts, I believe it brought all of us closer as a community. All in all, it was a fun time and I look forward to participating in future tournaments (whether I’m a nominee or simply a voter).” – @Hero.Daily

“I felt very humbled to be placed within 562’s tournament and reach 3rd place amongst all the great accounts out there.


Especially only being on Instagram for a year and a half. I am thankful for all those who voted for me and have much love and respect for all my followers. Overall, I thought the tournament was a very unique concept and very fun as well. It would definitely be interesting to see if different pages can host a tournament similar to this each time. Perhaps next can be a FIFA World Cup style where there are groups instead of bracelets. There are so many creative ways to make this stand out each time.” – @TheBatBrand

In the end, it came down to 2 Accounts, Liam (@DC.Marvel.Unite) & Younis (@RealWorldOfFlash), the hype for their match up started building as multiple pages started posting countless memes asking followers who they were voting for, @562Comics had fans send in video submissions of who they wanted to vote for and he would post them on his Instagram Story. In the end, Younis took the win and won the October Madness Tournament becoming the Best Comicbook Instagram Account of 2017.


“I loved this tournament to be honest. I was blown away that I actually made it to the championship with my friend Younis. The contest was just for fun though, but it was great to see all my supporters come together. At the end of the day thought it just feels great to get some recognition for something you work hard on.” – @Dc.Marvel.Unite


“Didn’t really think I’d win since I was taken down at 300k and going up against account far larger than mine. We’re talking 200,000 followers while I only have 40,000. I definitely could have done with some free followers, but my fan base came in clutch and they were able to support me against these far more larger accounts.“ – @RealWorldOfFlash

Until next time everyone and may the likes be ever in your favor.

Jose Ramirez

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