THE E3ODUS [E3 2019]: Baldur’s Gate III.

Felipe “The 3rd Deacon” Crespo

BALDUR’S GATE III (Larian Studios – PC/PS5/Xbox Scarlett – 2020-2021???) – Just had some chicken korma. It was fantastic. Time for some last minute E3 bits! For old school RPG fans, one of the elders returns: Baldur’s Gate.

The third installation in the long-dormant series comes to us from the creators of the amazing Divinity: Original Sin franchise. Baldur’s and Divinity make games like Diablo and other action RPGs look about as complex as tic tac toe. Enjoy the teaser…

Unrelated “PrE3” Tidbits:

  • Darksiders Genesis. Love/Hate relationship right here. I absolutely loved the first two in no small part to Joe Madureira’s art and world building. I don’t mind the third, but I am sick and tired of the “this is happening at the same time” dicking around they’ve been doing to fans since the fantastic cliffhanger from the first game (it gave me chills, I was pumped to take on heaven and hell with the Four Horsemen). And now.. well, the fourth rider is revealed. But the game type is completely different and there’s no indication on when the story takes place. It’s Diablo : Darksiders Edition, kids. If THQ Nordic doesn’t add the option to play as all 4 at the same time, they’ve shit the bed before leaving the gate. Our pal Robert Workman will have the full preview and trailer coming later today.

  • I don’t give a shit about the Final Fantasy 7 remake. I played FF7 when it debuted on the O.G. PlayStation many moons ago — because of the hype bomb and how it changed the landscape — but last that, there are vastly superior FF games. That being said, most consider 7 among the best (if not the best) games in the series. Now it’s coming back looking like Advent Children. That’s pretty much all that I have to say, as the gameplay is a mystery, mostly. The remake looks like the more action-oriented FFXV, but in the latest trailer, it looked like the traditional battles could be coming back. I don’t know. We’ll see. Meh.
Just another reminder that THIS IS HAPPENING.
  • Steamworld Quest on Switch is surprisingly good and addicting. Check it out.
  • Happy got canceled. Rule of thumb, if you want a show to enjoy that’s going to be around for a while, make sure I don’t like it (Happy, AP Bio, Santa Clarita Diet…).
  • World War Z is also more fun than I thought it would be. I’ll have two fingers of whiskey. Ttyl.

-Felipe Crespo

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