THE E3ODUS [E3 2019 Preview]: Dead Island / Stranger Things 3.

Richard “Bishop” Zom

DEAD ISLAND 2 (Sumo Digital/THQ Nordic – X1/PS4/PC – 2019) – California shall see the upcoming installment of Dead Island. Don’t believe me? You can pre-order Dead Island 2 at Microsoft store right here. And that notion is pretty wild, considering just a month or more ago we expected THQ Nordic’s newly acquired franchise to scream cancellation from the top of the Hollywood sign.

Following a developer flip, Sumo Digital will now back up the undead claim, as the LittleBigPlanet 3 and Sonic Team Racing devs plan to ride the waves onto zombie-filled beaches…

With Dead Island 2, shall we be privileged enough to see zombie movie stars getting their clock cleaned as our protag plows through Hollywood studios, lobbing off heads, arms, and legs in search of survival materials and weapon upgrades? Or how about a Pabst Blue Ribbon hipster pipe bomb, or a surfboard battle blade? Better yet, a Kim Kardashian 3D-printed baseball bat that is sure to strike fear in any zombie before it hollows out its undead skull.

Again, my speculations have me in awe since I’m waiting on the official reveal at E3 and gameplay to show just how bloody bad-ass the long-awaited sequel can be.

-Richard Pearson

Kyle “Stigmata” Daley

STRANGER THINGS 3: THE GAME (BonusXP/Netflix, Inc. – PS4/X1/Switch/PC/Mobile – July 4, 2019) – The popular Netflix series Stranger Things is getting the video game adaptation for its third season. The release of the show’s Season 3 will simulataneously coincide with the game on July 4, 2019. Some of the bigger things known about The Game‘s upcoming release: it’s 16-bit, available on nearly every platform and will have local split-screen co-op.. because to hell what the mainstream game industry says! Nerds still hang out together in person! They do!

Not a whole lot has been released about ST3TG, however some demos have been leaked onto Youtube. The Game seems to be very reminiscent of titles created during the late 80s and early 90s. The limited information provided suggests that it will focus more on story elements than actual combat, though each character will have their own set list of attacks. Think class system.

Predictions! Stranger Things fans will see added plot developments to the overall narrative of the franchise’s lore while also following Season 3’s main plot. It also looks like The Game will provide some fun and old school gameplay that should appeal to the 30 and up crowd. While the actual success of the game has yet to be determined, I can tell you that playing this on the Switch appears to be the optimum experience.

-Kyle Daley

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